Monday, May 31, 2010

おかえり~!…*(≧〇≦)* YAY~!,,(/゚A゚)/

Yo mina~~~ Azumi is officially back~! nyaaa~~ ♪

ogenki desuka?? (-O-)zzZ mann me ish tired~~ kekeke

Weelll whats been happening to Ryuu & Azumi in our absence....

1) Ryuu-chan FINALLY sent me the picssss for the tutorial~~ \(~O~)/ kekeke I'll post that tmrrw~~ ♪

2) The ball is coming upp and....

Ryuuchan and I have made my DRESS!!! I will leave the pics till the ball~~ (*^O^*) mattene~!!

3) We have to have some make and hair ideass~~(・∀・)ニヤニヤ ~

I have a few ideasss for mee~~ cos ryuunyan and I ish duin hair and make ourselves... Coz we're cheap LAWL~~

Heres an awesome vid by Youtube's Cl2425 Catalina~! She is awesome and did a Kummiky inspired make tutorial~ (which u know is my fav. model~~ ^^)

Here it is~~

If i cant..then i've got a tutorial for it~~
(。・・)σ *pokeeee* かわいいでしょ~!
3) Ryuu, Nancy-chan, Yuu-chan and Me ish going explring on Sunday~!! ♪イェーイ ヾ(≧ー≦)ゞ ヾ(_ _)〃
hehe~~ soo yeah also buying make for ball~~
jyaaa just to let you know im aliiive o(≧▽≦)o

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's been a while ,~(-.-)~'

It's COLD!!! ><"

Ryuu here ^^

hows everyone going? this weeks been so long/ short/ tiring/laid back kinda week, you know what i mean? it's tripping my brain out sigh...

anyway since i haven't been on for a while i thought i might just do another random talk (cos my internet is still dead if i wanna surf the blagosphere)

first up isn't this funny :P

it's a tissue holder that my friend got from some restaraunt isn't it cool

so yeah....
Well i can't add any more photos yet so i'm gonna just talk
== GOMENASAI!!!!!!!!! Orz
Don't you get pissed off when you can't eat in class?
i'm taking mostly science based subjects so being in the labis a must and well to eat in it is so unsafe
or when you're trying to study you eat? RIGH RIGHT RIGHT???
you can probably tell i am hungry :P
Like when you study... i'm sure most student's have this problem, as soon as they sit down they feel hungry, or they must clean the space they're studying in??
i am not good at studying so most of the time when i do either i'm procrastinating XD
anyway i shall leave y'all to post something abou this and i promise the next post will be better ==" ^^

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the mind is "GOING! YEAH WE ARE GOING!"

Ryuu desu [._____.]"

Gomen again i don't really feel like searching through my news sites == just like Azunyan my internet broadband has just died (oAo)"""""
i don't think i can post any pics either anytime soon so most of my posts are gonna look very very wordy

don't you hate it when that happens? i feel like there is no movement in my world if i don't have some sort of news from outside of my small world that consists of school...and school
yup i'm a loser XD

today's topic... not sure so this is gonna be another ramble about nothing in particular ><"

(´-`).。oO( ... )

Do any of you ever get the feeling that you've seen someone before but you can't quite pinpoint where and when you've met?

i seem to be doing that a lot recently. it's said (and i do't know the source but it's what i've been told) that as long as you've seen someone once then their face is stored in your mind for ages because the brain is being a pain and would like to be a massive hard drive and have a copy of everything that filters through your eyes for future reference....................................but then again i don't exactly remeber things as easily as most

(i fail at even remembering what i've had for breakfast 2 hours after breakfast *face palm*)

oh oh oh, before i forget random news that i was reading while at school while i was "working" (>.o) shhhhhhh~!!

KATTUN (or should i say KTTUN (-___-) silly bakanishi not there) new album:

"NO MORE PAIИ" has been decided to release on June 16th! It will be their 5th album, with "Going!" included, as well as other songs produced by top artists. All 13 songs, including 5 solo songs, will be included (14 songs in normal edition). Video clip and footage video DVD will be attached to the first limited edition, while a bonus track will be only in normal edition.

source: musicjapanplus

sigh and off goes another one of my fave bands that probably have no idea how big their fanbase is and how lonely my little slice of the world is without them =3=" just cos we're not in asia sigh

anyway i have to say their new single "Going!" though i still love them isn't my favorite.... maybe i'm a little biased since i just wanna see them live and sorta throwing a hissy about it at the moment and Akanishi's concerts are all in the U.S.A too.
but they all look good (well Koki doesn't look like a gang member and apart from Kame looking sleep deprived) i am content

Can't seem to figure out how to post vids... so if you wanna watch the new KTTUN song visit:

Does anyone else think that AUTO TUNE is taking over the music industry? a lot of kpop artists use it and now it's in japan too so i guess it's what fans like
but i still want to hear the actuals idols voices without the electronic voice behind it. or am i just being old fashioned?

┐('~`;)┌ just as long as not all the songs on the new album aren't fully AUTO TUNED i guess it will be fine

RWAR~! '\@____@/' IMA DINO~! (Part1)

(。・ω・)ノ゙ こんば~~♪

みなげんきだ?hehe~~ Wow Ryuupyon's post really scared me~~ imagine ppl exchanging robots for PEOPLE O__o Waaaaaa (゚0゚)(。_。) That's be freakyyy~!
nyaa 'scuse the bad title~~ at school's comp again and I is having a weird feeling nyaa~~
(o´∀`o) The feelsing is a mixture of tiredness/nausea/hyperness building inside~~ Henn desu ne~~
Maybe that is whats invoking me feeling of wanted to post on a part of me people dont really see... I doubt they would even think twice that Im into these kinda stuff~~ Which is pretty interesting~ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ i wonder what people see the minute they look at me~~ (.__.)?

but yes Ima ranting on the topic of...


Well I think that people have stereotypes that only people "emotionationally unstable" or sumthing would like these stuffs~~ But thats sooo wrong~! Even ordinary people can appreciate this genre of music and are fascinated with this lifestyle~Oo。。( ̄_ ̄*) Thats soo OTT sista~! hurhur~

That brings me to the subject of JROCK~~!

Anywayss yes I LIKE Jrock~~ I like guys who put on makeup and are prettier than me... I LIKE GUYS WHO CROSSDRESSS ._______. dot dot dot...

But then again~~guys who look normal are ok too (^_^**) if theres dude who is reading this... shit

But yeahh theyre O for AWESOME~!

Anyways just a bit of a backgound on Jrock~~ This is the overall term for the genre of music~~ but the sub groups that come under this is huge~ The main ones i listen to have the style Visual Kei or Osharei Kei (any others are just not my cup of tea)~~

What does Visual kei and Osharei kei mean you ask?? Well...

"Visual kei (ヴィジュアル系, vijuaru kei, literally "visual style") refers to a movement among Japanese musicians, that is characterized by the use of make-upp, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics. Some sources state that Visual Kei refers to a music genre, or to a sub-genre of J-rock (a term referring to Japanese rock in general, with its own particular sound, related to glam-rock, punk and metal. However other sources state that Visual Kei's unique clothing, make-up, fashions, and participation in the related sub-culture is equally as important as the sound of the music itself in the use of the term."

Credits Wiki

Examples of Visual kei:

Osharei Kei:

OWo soo pretty and colourful~!

Personally i wouldnt dress like them for everyday life~~ but for sepcialy ocassion i.e, ball
Maybe i would......・ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ It'd take me agess to make me look as good as them in the mornings~~ soo no... espcially when i'm half asleepp ε=( ̄。 ̄;)
but in saying that I have utter respect form them~! PEACE~! (*ΘωΘ)。。。
Yeah~~ i think this post is going to take awhile to load.... sooI'll just spam your computer with picssss >:-@ *Evils* muahahahaaha *hides*
Stay tuned for part 2~! RWAR~!! ヽ( ̄ ̄∇ ̄ ̄)ノ ランラン♪
xx Azu xx

Monday, May 17, 2010

goodbye dial up hello personal sci fi movie (-.-) SOLAR POWERED PHONE!!

Minna!!! Ryuu desu~!!!!
i'm hyper the library computers are free and i should be home, oh well
i think i've forgotten how to use a normal keyboard... too used to using a laptop keyboard now XC

anyway last night i saw this really funny piece of news :


I have to say this is the newest method i know of to marry someone off with. How is it that a robot can conduct a ceremony? i have no idea it just did ...(didn't stick around to hear the whole thing )
so because of that i got all of you this article:

I-Fairy robot leads events at Tokyo wedding
The Associated Press
Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair.
The nuptials at this ceremony were led by I-Fairy, a 1.5-meter-tall seated robot with flashing eyes and plastic pigtails. Sunday's wedding was the first time a marriage had been led by a robot, according to its Tokyo-based manufacturer, Kokoro Co.
"Please lift the bride's veil," the robot said in a tinny voice, waving its arms in the air as the newlyweds kissed in front of about 50 guests.
The wedding took place at a restaurant in Hibiya Park in central Tokyo, where I-Fairy wore a wreath of flowers and directed the rooftop ceremony. Wires led out from beneath it to a black curtain a few meters away, where a man crouched and clicked commands into a computer.
Japan has one of the most advanced robotics industries in the world, with the government actively supporting the field for future growth. Industrial models in factories are now standard, but recently companies are making a push to inject robots into everyday life.
Honda makes Asimo, a walking child-shaped robot, and other firms have developed them to entertain the elderly or play baseball.
Kokoro, whose corporate goal is to "touch the hearts of the people," also makes giant dinosaur robots for exhibitions and lifelike android models that can smile and laugh. The company is a subsidiary of Sanrio Co., which owns the rights to Hello Kitty and other characters.
"This was a lot of fun. I think that Japanese have a strong sense that robots are our friends. Those in the robot industry mostly understand this, but people mainly want robots near them that serve some purpose," said bride Satoko Inoue, 36, who works for Kokoro.
"It would be nice if the robot was a bit more clever, but she is very good at expressing herself," said new husband Tomohiro Shibata, 42, a professor of robotics at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology.


yup it was yesterdays news == sorry

anyway i think it's sortof a move forward into the whole space age thing that they said humans were moving towards but i think it's just kinda weird and i don't think i want another redo of Irobot (you know the one with will smith!!) yeah i know that would be scary.
and in that here are some pictures of the lovely couple and the cute little 'bot that crried it all out

source :

Next up on random news: Sharp's new solar powered phone (Solar phone SH007)



Cell phone addicts, listen up: The dreaded low-battery beep may soon be a thing of the past. Sharp has just unveiled the world's first solar-powered cell phone. Ready to get charged?
The phone, created by Sharp and Japanese network
KDDI, is set to be released this summer. It works by using a special solar panel that snaps onto the device and soaks up the sun's rays. The companies say 10 minutes in the sun will give you enough juice for about a minute of talk time, or two full hours of standby power.
Even better for the tech-obsessed: Both the solar panel and the phone are fully waterproof. Conducting business poolside has never been simpler.
Other cell phone vendors are showing prototypes of
solar-powered cell phones, and a number of solar chargers are avaiable for various electronics, including cell phones. But Sharp -- which has committed to solar power plants -- appears to be the first out of the gate with a solar-powered cell phone.
Unfortunately, the phones are only being released in Japan thus far, and there's no word yet when they could make their way to the States. The minute they do, though, consider my office officially relocated to the giant gator-shaped raft floating in the deep end.

how freaking awesome is that!!!! i really really want one now RRRRAAAAOOOOORRRR why don't they sell them anywhere else and why aren't they cheaper, sigh oh well time to start saving again :P

so anyway till next time :D

Boo you~~! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Mina Heyyy~

Azu desu~~ Im using the schools crappy computer as my spiffy one at home's broadband is f*ked ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ" SCREW YOUU TELECOM!~ LOl actually its my brother dearest who started downloading games halfwayy~~ The joyss of not having your own comp~!FML~(・_・、)

Anywayss I've been reading gyaru blog updates!~ and there doesnt seem to be lots of gyaru news here on remixnyaa -_-" BLAAME that on yours truly~ (´ω`。) I've been reallly lazy and with the broadband dying i cant go on sites as freely as I want to T_T soo not many gyaru model blogs with newss not many gyaru fan blogss to read... no cute-i-wanna-eat-youu pics to post.. *sigh*

Well theres one of my fav blogs by HimeStyle ( made up of Tiffy and Kelly that i managed to read b4 the....*facepalm*

They are absolutely soo cutee~! (*´▽`*)

Credits HimeStyle~~(Tiffy and Kelly)

It seems that usa-mimi (rabbit) headbands, bohemian headbands and cancan hats are becoming really popular~ esp for end of spring/summer in US/Japan~

Left: Usamimi headband, Right: Marimo in a Cancan hat and Kumikki in a headband

Ja free period is almost over~~ ^___^ I'll leave you with a smoking pic of jae (I miss him TT_TT)

xoxo Azu

KYAAAA~ SuG NEW LOOK!!! and rice balls

ryuu desu~~ how's everyone?

don't these guys look adorable!!!

me : takeru
Part : Vocal
Blood type : O
Birthday : May 11th
Height : 162cm
Weight : 49kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : watching a movie, Shopping, searching beautiful things
Favorite brand : MALKOMALKA, PhilipBrown, ktz, bernhard willhelm, galaxxxy, GUT'S, DYNAMITE CABARETS, LINDA, SLY, SPX, LOS VEGA, NEW ERA
Perfume : BOUDOIR
Favorite word : 泰山北斗(TAIZAN HOKUTO)
Message : show me your charming smile only toward to me♪

Name : masato
Part : Guitar
Blood type : A
Birthday : May 26th
Height : 167cm
Weight : 51kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to view a landscape from my transportation.
Favorite brand : DRESS CAMP, DITA
Perfume : Pink Sugar
Favorite word : a dream and a hope
Message : Let's laughs out together and enjoy wonderful time!

Name : yuji
Part : Guitar
Blood type : B
Birthday : October 21st
Height : 168cm
Weight : 52kg
Foot size : 26.5cm
Hobby : reading a comic book、playing game
Favorite brand : Nintendo, Gibson, Fender, PRS
Perfume : None
Favorite word : なぞいでんし(nazo idenshi), 安全第一(anzen dai-ichi)
Message : Let's have a fun☆

Name : Chiyu
Part : Bass
Blood type : O
Birthday : December 27th
Height : 174cm
Weight : 56kg
Foot size : 27.5cm
Hobby : Shopping, billiards, and boring
Favorite brand : PPFM, RUPERT, PATRICK COX, GUCCI, Justin Davis
Perfume : BVLGARI pour Homme
Favorite word : 成せば成る☆(naseba naru)
Message : welcome to a fatal community [yah]♪

Name : shinpei
Part : Drum
Blood type : O
Birthday : March 20th
Height : 158cm
Weight : 40kg
Foot size : 24.5cm
Hobby : to take a nap
Favorite brand : Vivienne Westwood, PPFM
Favorite word : 習うより慣れろ (narauyori narero)
Message : Nice to meet you! Please give your support☆

not sure why but i always look for takeru no matter what pic or pv it is i have to see what crazy cute face he's making :P


the second one is pretty much all in japanese so for those who can navigate that site there you go ^^ but i just use their myspace or whatever random news i find of the net (._.)

so that's my news for the day

on another random note guy's and their rice balls XD
yes that was what i meant to say
but anyway.....
a while back i went to Azunyan's old schools cultural festival and i have to say for a really small school ~1800 students maybe (our current one has ~2500 students) they had a really good festival.

so anyway, before we had to leave we went to say hi to her old friends and while we were there i was attacked and made to take one of the rice balls made by their exchange students at the time.... and at that time all i knew was it was made by a dude and no one wanted to eat it... that didn't sound too promising to me either but i was hungry so i ate it.

To describe the rice ball it pretty much was a ball, no regular triangle shape nicely packed thing. It was BALL shaped and compressed so hard i had a hard time splitting it with Azu. but it tasted good so i guess that's all that matters.

so i want to know, is that how all guys make their rice balls or was it just cos they were tired and felt like it? i mean i tried with my small hands, but it just made all the rice slip between my fingers, just didn't work.
how do you make your rice balls?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

ビッグバン ♪イェーイ ヾ(≧ー≦)ゞ ヾ(_ _)〃

Minaaaaa~~ konnyanyachiba~! ♪\*≧Д≦>
今日は みな いいおてんきですか?

今日はあたし あたらしい ブログは しょうかいにしますう~!~♪(*´○`)o
Today, I just want to introduce my new Japanese blog~

ここで、わたしの 何々言葉があります~ 自分の ブログです~!本当にうれしいかったでした~でも、あたし日本語をへたですば~ 恥ずかしいです。(_ _) ごめんな(゜ーÅ)~
Here, you can find my daily ramblings and other stuff~~ just another place to overload xD But eventhough its in jap...i suck at it....sooo soryy if you dont understand la~~ m(_ _)m

OF COURSE I'll still be here~~ but i dont want this blog for me to rant....must be sumthing productive... >___> (sureee) xD

Sooo yess when Missy Ryuunabe-kun (she sound like fooood) here...send me the pics i'll post up the tutorial I've been meaning to post~~gahh im hungryy T_T *cries*

I know i was suppose to post the top hat tut agessss ago... but the thing is that..we didnt end up going to piknic it was in a possshhh restaurant soo noo dressing up (o・ω・o)

nyaaa i cant spell...but ooohhh lalala~~ have you seen Big Bang's new MV?? gyaa my hubbie is smoking~! (well yeah literally too) 0(><)0 BAKA TOP~!

CHEEEH~! loving the melodyyy~~

anyways gtg eat..nyaa

bai bai

(man im soo hyper >"<)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shopping for cute things

i want her tights :P

ryuu desu!!! gomen minna, it's been a while and my posts really don't have much significant value news wise lately, just haven't been feeling up to checking all the news sites ≧x≦

soooo.... anyway i'd like to say that Azunyan and i are working on getting some more photos of things up and about what we do normally and our friends so look forward to it (^.^)

because i did bad hair last time i think todays topic should be nice and cute, what do you think?

so today's topic!!!! CLOTHES!! and stuff that go with talking about clothes :P

NICE GUYS!!! okay i've had this convo with my english class and it's always ended up as:
Bad guys have become overrated

anyone else think so? lately it hasn't been about the guys who just leave you hanging and all that but about guys who will look after you in the long run, maybe it's cos we're all seniors and the thought of marriage to a prick in the future scares us. gosh i feel old
so if anyone else thinks so i'd like to share this site to you


yes the guys in the pic kinda look odd but i love there little awkward turtle toy and domokun style hat thing

the awkward turtle x3 so cute
the hat :D
trademarked i <3>

that's from Wong Fu Store if you like these you can order them from the site

next up


for all those who love everything girly and cute i'd say this site is for you, personally i'm more of a tom boy but i can still go AWWWW!!!! (@^_____^@) whenever i see these kinds of products

or for those who prefer indy shopping but still want cute stuff this site is for you


the site has goods ranging from overly cute to punk indy fashion plus some asian inspired stuff for those who don't quite get asian fashion but want to try it out anyway

and lastly for those who like lolita and cosplay i thought i'd add these two for you

first up lolita i like this site but their stuff i could never think of wearing cos it's just not me but i really like this shirt

next up is dun dah da dun!!!!
this site has some awesome hats too and for all those reminiscing about the good old pokemon days
lol anyone remember this?

so yes this is Ryuu with another random post again
until next time ^^

Thursday, May 13, 2010

(*´・ω・)ノ~~ Chaaahooo!~!!

Yo yo yo~! kekeke(人*・ω・)★

Hows everyone today??
man... i just realised that Ryuu-chan and I never take enough picssss...and we dont talk about our dear frends as much~~ m(.__.)m

So yesss we needa get that going~! ^____^
just an update on music and random stuff~~ but OMG the Oricon charts have pretty eww worthy songss this week T__T (no offense) but there is not a single song in there that is nice besides AAA's new single Yume kara samete yume.

but on to kpop news... f(x) has realeased their new song Nu ABO sometime ago... and i have to say this is their best mv eva~!!

Amber looks soo spunkadelic tho idk wats up with Krystal's hair?? O__o☆

Oh yeah as you might have noticed..we have a theme ever month for our "spazz items"and wallie ~~ Last month was Hey!Say! JUMP and LM.C~~

Soo this year is...

SHINEE~!!!! Key and JongHyun FTW~!! LOL(qq≧∇≦)☆ Ryuu-chan and I have been watching dance battles with them~~ and oh lalala~!!〜♪

The ball is almost here~~! Its in june and i havent found a dress yet T^T

I kinda know what im going to do for my hair tho~~

isnt the top hat cuteee??(*'ω'*)

hehe~~ soo lolita/gyaru rock ((´∀`●)*sigh...*

Ja ★*♪。☆*★*♪。☆*( ̄  ̄●)ノ" オヤスミィ♪ Good night~~


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If you need to feel good when your having a bad hairday just check these out =="

Ryuu desu ^^

sigh procrastination hello, how's things on your end cos i'm sitting here blogging when i should be studying. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

so today's topic is BAD HAIR

everyone (yes i know this is a generalization) has had a bad hair day

ǒ_________ô no not everyone!! look at the celebrities!!!

no, celebrities have it tooo!!!

i don't know if it's mean of me to think this but i like it when some of the worlds most beautiful people have crappy hair sometimes...... (‐^▽^‐)オーホッホ

so here are some that i picked out recently:

yup Hyde, he changed his hair from the really nice brown to a omg i forgot to wash it out in time blonde

(-_-)" fail

next up Lee Hongki from FT Island, i'm not sure what they wanted his hair to look like, if it was grunge time or he got up late and the stylist wasn't around

it just does not suit him i think

Next up Tegoshi Yuya and his epically bad perm

don't get me started on this one\|  ̄ヘ ̄|/_______θ☆( *o*)/

so yes i'd like to say that even though i like them having bad hair some of the time i don't wanna see them with bad hair ALL the time, so hopefully someone out there will fix these guys' hair before the kids start copying them.

so yup that was my random rant for y'all today
if anyone has more pics of people they think has bad hair or they wished had bad hair please post
お(^o^)や(^O^)す(^。^)みぃ(^-^)ノ゙ ryuu over and out ^^

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are they just a pretty face?~(*^・ェ・^*)ノ PLUS Versailles goodness

(。・ω・)ノ゙ コンチャ♪
Yo yo yo~! Bro~!o( ̄・・ ̄o) kekeke

Just a quick post then i have to start studying for my Japanese speech~~(´ω`。)~~
Thats is on the topic of~~


Yess thats the interesting question~~ For girls they are mostly really nice and polite as I have lots of Japanese friends as well as ocassional homestays~~ (we only get girls for sum reason??)

But the conversation Hana-chan and I were having in me thinking~~
She was spazzing bout the hot/cute japanese guy she met at ping pong~~ but... her friends say he is soo up himself and vain~~

This reminded me of how Yuu-kun was telling me that her friend Ryo, who is Japanese, is really vain~~ LOL He likes to brag about how all the girls have a crush on him~~ Though I cant really make this assumption cos i've only talked to him once through msn LOL~ but i think this is in fact true~~

I dont mean to say that each and EVERY Japanese guy out there is like that.. but from my experiences~~ they are pretty vain~~though they are just as polite and nice as the girls.

I think its the way the Japanese are brought take pride in their appearances and as they as so called *qoute form my mom* feminine looking~ I can see why... Basically Japanese girls must be a pretty high standard and AWESOME taste that Japanese guys are like who they are today hehe~~ If it benefits the rest of the population... why not ehh?? \(○^ω^○)/

But there are a few exceptionsss of girly guys that are wayy prettier than girlss~! (if you have any others please feel free to list ♪ ) These are in no particular order:

1. Seto Koji

Kyaa sooo cute (〜*▽*)〜 I first saw him in the dorama "Koizora" ☆★ Totally reccomend it~!

2. Tatsuya Ueda from KATTUN

Kawaii ne~! ♪┌(∵)┘♪└(∵)┐

And lastly~~

3. Maysumoto Jun from Arashi~! (There is no way he can be left out from the list!)

To me he looks EXACTLY like a woman (?) kekeke (^_−)


I FINALLY got Versailles "new" album JUBILEE which came out agess ago~~ but my bandwidth died~ TT_TT

*Sigh* Everytime I listen to "Serenade" I almost cry thinking about Jasmine You T^T R.I.P~

I've been listening to the album the whole night and it is pretty good especially the 10+minute opening track "God Palace-Method of Inheritance~! kyaaa (o≧▽゚)o

Ahh Kamijo looks good with shorter hair o(≧∇≦)o
Jaaa~~ Chem and Jap hmk is calling meeee >^<>
Gооd Йight○o。(´-ω-`*)φZz...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

WaT to release 2 new singles after 2 years of waiting

here's another random Ryuu update ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^
FINALLY!!!! d(*⌒▽⌒*)b

WaT fans after waiting a good two years for the duo to come back and make music are finally awarded with this twitter post:
  1. 7月28日発売 「君が僕にKissをした」 9月8日発売 「24/7~もう一度~」 July 28th sale “Did you Kiss in me” September 8th sale “The 24/7~ once more the ~”
  2. WaT2年ぶりにシングル2枚をリリースします!Single 2 release are done after WaT 2 year!

    (yup straight from:
    and if your still doubtful:







    and for all those that cannot read jap (like me TT____TT) here's it translated

    Thank you for waiting!

    Releases two singles WaT2 years!

    Released July 28, "Kiss me with you."

    Released September 08, "24 / 7 - again -"

    Please look forward to his singing and 2 people.

    And this summer, Yarimasu FC event
    I also live with a slightly different - I want to do.
    WaT hard going through the summer - at the center.
    Have fun!

    source: >← official WaT blog if you wish to read it from there first :D it's from the shared WaT section of the blog as there are three to choose (WaT, Eiji Wentz version and Koike Teppei version))

    (\(OoO)/) woooooooot!!!!

    who else is excited to hear these two voices???