Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the mind is "GOING! YEAH WE ARE GOING!"

Ryuu desu [._____.]"

Gomen again i don't really feel like searching through my news sites == just like Azunyan my internet broadband has just died (oAo)"""""
i don't think i can post any pics either anytime soon so most of my posts are gonna look very very wordy

don't you hate it when that happens? i feel like there is no movement in my world if i don't have some sort of news from outside of my small world that consists of school...and school
yup i'm a loser XD

today's topic... not sure so this is gonna be another ramble about nothing in particular ><"

(´-`).。oO( ... )

Do any of you ever get the feeling that you've seen someone before but you can't quite pinpoint where and when you've met?

i seem to be doing that a lot recently. it's said (and i do't know the source but it's what i've been told) that as long as you've seen someone once then their face is stored in your mind for ages because the brain is being a pain and would like to be a massive hard drive and have a copy of everything that filters through your eyes for future reference....................................but then again i don't exactly remeber things as easily as most

(i fail at even remembering what i've had for breakfast 2 hours after breakfast *face palm*)

oh oh oh, before i forget random news that i was reading while at school while i was "working" (>.o) shhhhhhh~!!

KATTUN (or should i say KTTUN (-___-) silly bakanishi not there) new album:

"NO MORE PAIИ" has been decided to release on June 16th! It will be their 5th album, with "Going!" included, as well as other songs produced by top artists. All 13 songs, including 5 solo songs, will be included (14 songs in normal edition). Video clip and footage video DVD will be attached to the first limited edition, while a bonus track will be only in normal edition.

source: musicjapanplus

sigh and off goes another one of my fave bands that probably have no idea how big their fanbase is and how lonely my little slice of the world is without them =3=" just cos we're not in asia sigh

anyway i have to say their new single "Going!" though i still love them isn't my favorite.... maybe i'm a little biased since i just wanna see them live and sorta throwing a hissy about it at the moment and Akanishi's concerts are all in the U.S.A too.
but they all look good (well Koki doesn't look like a gang member and apart from Kame looking sleep deprived) i am content

Can't seem to figure out how to post vids... so if you wanna watch the new KTTUN song visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY4cYSgLCTM

Does anyone else think that AUTO TUNE is taking over the music industry? a lot of kpop artists use it and now it's in japan too so i guess it's what fans like
but i still want to hear the actuals idols voices without the electronic voice behind it. or am i just being old fashioned?

┐('~`;)┌ just as long as not all the songs on the new album aren't fully AUTO TUNED i guess it will be fine

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