Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Doujin Overload 2010 ft. Remix~! ☆

♪d(´▽`)b♪ Konbanwa minnasan~!!

Azzuuu da~

Kyuu~ Hows everybody? Gomena I didn't blog about Doujin~~ its almost been a week since~ T~T gomenaa~~

Jaaa~ヽ(*’-^*)。Lets get to piccy spam ne?

We got there at about 9.30-ish? But these were the stalker pics we took of the very first cosplay we saw~~ Kyuu!!! (yes its my current fav word~keke)

You can't really see them~~ but they were the twins with pink hair?!? and green seifuku? (Faill otaku-ness) Bleh (o≧▽゚)oニパッ I was sooo excited to see cosplayers cos the chances of seeing them have been next to nil for me T^T

Anyways~~ we were early~ so Ryuu-chan and I went to get some paan ("bread" ><.. I've been speaking Japlish ever since Sat LOL)

Oooshiiiii~! I want some now~ The one on the right is Choco-pan and Polo-pan~ ☆ That was my brekkie kekekeke

Anyways~~ we found a good place with lighting to camwhore~~ jyaaaan~ ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ"

(´ェ`*) nyaa my skirt wasnt behaving~ blehhhhh

We also found the Graphic Novel Cafe~!

After Ryuu-chans parents and sister got to the city (to support her brother)~
Off we went to Doujin~! (─▽─) Mann our neko costumes looked sooo uber uncool among all the other "pro" looking cosplayss puahaha O(≧∇≦)O

We saw many other cosplays too~

Man it was like otaku heavenn!! There were sooo many things for sale~! Fan-art, Bookmarks, POsters, Plushies, Figurines, Key chains, Manga~! kyaaa (*´ο`*)=3 Tanoshikatta~!

Heres our haul~! ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ uaa theyre are soooo kawaii~! Below: Some of my favourite ones~

Right: The two bookmarks were drawn by Hana-chans friend Aiki~! ☆ Soo talented!

After that REMIX went to camwhore, purikura and then went home~ Guuuu soo tired after!! LOL good thing I didnt wear my lolita-esque shoes -_-;; thats would've been KILLER.

Haai~! ja thats the end of Doujin Overload 2010~! Yipee~! Hoope you guys can come next year~! (Its name is being changed to "OVERLOAD 2011" next year btw) (*^^*)

I will blog again tomorrow cos its T.O.D~! yay~!! noo school~!

I have also dubbed 2mrw as "Japanese day" I will try to live as a Japanese (how? I will figure it out kekeeke) Yeah I copying my Unnie who had a live like a TRUE Korean for a month~@_@

jyaa I'll blog about how its goes puahahah (*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)


Sunday, July 25, 2010


TT^TT i'm sorry azunyan i made you post for the last....6? posts?

Anyway konichiwa minna, i can't blog at home so i am doing this during my statistics class :P
yes i know i should be doing the set work but i really, really really don't like this subject (or the teacher) so i am going to make another post about nothing ><" GAAAAHHH how many of you have listened to the new Hey!Say!JUMP ablbum??
i have to say i enjoyed all the songs that some of the members wrote esp. Time and Ai Sukuriimu
they are so cute. so at the moment i'm going on a cute phase since i promised myself to listen to "happy" music before bed == so no heavy metal after dinner XD

another new music thing LUCIFER OMG i know azunyan likes this song as much as me (i waited 3HOURS for my internet to load the song) waaaah omfg at Key's hair what's up with the random red bleeding bit at the back O.o seriously they did it wrong, if they wanted to they should shaved the whole thing off, it would have looked better than the random partially shaven/bleached/ random hair job that's going on now. does anyone agree??
but the good points... TAEMIN!!!! kyaaa he got more mature and his dancing is fawesome!!! and Jonghyun's muscley arms XD and i still laugh at Onew, he looks more mature in this video but the concept with the 80's greece lightning ish hair really makes me LOL. and Minho should really style the front part of his hair too not just the back/top random puffs :/


why why why why why why why why!!! i mean i will still support KaTTUN and Jin doing there thing but why did they make Jin leave KATTUN, sigh and i never got to go to their concerts so i am really really sad ><"""" but i will move on from that because i don't want to go back to my =="---->TT^TT-----> >:C stage that i was in when i learnt about it last week

(i can't post any links or articles cos all my links are at home, and my teacher keeps staring at me.... maybe i should do my work.... maybe oh well.

it is almost time to go so i will try to blog again tomorow... if i can ... if i don't get caught

so i will see you all later, anyone want to spaz about any of the news feel free to drop a comment in the comment box or just comment this post.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music the love of my life~

Minna~~ haai one man show again~(*・.・)ノ

Azu da~~ as if you didnt already know that lolol

Well its the time of the month now for my TOP5 music favs~ woaah the month has passed very quickly~!! Weell its both Jpop and Kpop this time~! (-_-)ノ☆・゚ FINALLY~~

And if you guys didnt already know about it~ my top fav jpop groups, NEWS finally finally released a new single Let's be Funky~! There isnt an official cover for it though but I do know that they will be going on tour~in september.9/19・20 at Kyocera and 9/25・26・27 at Tokyo dome~! FINALLY FINALLY~~~ ahh m(._.)m Soo excited~!!

@credits NEWS LJ

Soredewa~~ Lets start~! ☆♪
In no particular order...

1. SCANDAL- Namida no Regret

2. Yamapi- One in a million
Man hes SEXY~!! x3 Hes under Akame tho www

3.K.Will- Tears are dropping
Ive just recently fallen in love with his voice again~ and this is my favourite song of his~~ ahhh

4. Ayumi Hamasaki- Moon
She's sooo gorgeous!!!

5. Se7en- Better together
Man u dont know how excited i was for this~~ its been agess! keke

Ok so here goes~~ and tomz DOUJIN~!!!! *dances round room*



Miu Miu (=゜ω゜)ノ 

みんな こんにちば~!(≧∀≦)

Hello everyone~!

今日 いい お元気 ですか?

How are you today?

日本語を れんしゅう しあちゃ~!さーあ はなしましょう~!★
Lets practice Japanese~! Let's begin~!

あ~Doujin Overload 2010は 土曜日だ~ はやいですね~!(*⌒▽⌒*) 私の コスプレイを まだ おわります~ どうする? (*´д`*) たすけって~!!!!(笑)
Ahh Doujin is coming upt his Saturday~! But my cosplay custome is not done yet~ What should I dooo?!?!?

でも、リューちゃんは ”かんたん コスプレイ じゃない?”と言います~ だから でこみみだけ かぶります。”と思っています~ 今年 時間とお金も 自分でないから~ ゜゜(´□`。)°゜
But then again, Ryuu-chan ssid that our cosplay is kinda easy. SO this year we are just gonna go as random Neko-jins wearing neko earsss~~ Cos this year we don't have time and money~~ T~T

この エベントで ふたりの 友だちと いとこも 行きますので いーっぱい しゃしんをとってなければ ならない~!(。・_・。)ノ

Our family and friends will be at this event so we can take lotsa piccys~! Wheee

さーあ ギャルの しゃしんだ~ (笑)
Okay so on to Gyaru piccys~hehe

寿るいのブログ Rui's Blog

 この カラーを したい~!☆ミ I want this colour for my hair!!!

Popteenのモデルとプリクラ~!えー 日本のプリクラは ニュージラーンドのプリクラより のほうが いいですね~
These are pictures from the Purikuras (sticker photos) from the Popteen Models. Man..Japan's purikura machines are sooo much better than NZ ρ(・ω・、)

くみっきのブログ Kumikki's Blog

まりもーちゃんと くみっきは ともだちた~かわいい~! Kummi's bff Marimo~ They're soo cute~!!



Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mina chuu~! Pics Spam part 1~

Minna~! Chuuu~~ (─▽─)

Long time no see~~ Yes its Azuunyan again~! (lol Ryuu chan has taken to calling me that)

First of all~~ APOLOGIES@__@ Ive been SUPA busy these hols~ My friend rom Aussie came and played taxi driver~ and my Jap buddy came to stay~! hehe~~ ok la so heres some pic spam oh waht Ive been duin~! ♪

The other day~ Ryuu-chan gave me sumthing~~ of someone~ who if you have facebook will know Im obsessed/married to~~

Caan anyone guess what Im drinking???

Jyaaaaan~!!! Big Bang TOP's water~~ ahhh soo kakoi~!! (;´д` )

Welll I think on the last week of the hols~~ On Thurs? Shiv came to visit~! The Aussie dude keke JKS he doesnt like to be called Aussie(・・ )♪

Heres the snacks we got~~ and we went to buy baby stuff for our BFF Lini~ hus expecting in Sept-ish~! :・゚\(゚▽゚*)

Ichigo Assam Milk Tea and Coconut-Ice cake (yeah I was craving it~~ expensive thoo~ T^T) and Pepero~! Damn it everything here costs soo much~! (≧o≦)ノ*bangs head on table*

Ok so the next day was a SUPA sunny day~~~

Oh yeah I havent introduced mina to my cutest mini-lop bunny rabbitcat Jacky-boy~!

See he almost blends into the deck and follows you like a doggy~ I admit it~!! I almost stepped on him once ♪(。TωT)ノ☆・゚:*: He goes rite to your feet just as your stepping back~!!

Well then I'll tell you guys the rest next time~!

Owo soo sleepy~! jya ne~!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ” EVENT nyaa~

Minna~! Azu desu~

*sigh* Ryuu-chans absence makes me feel like im blogging too much kekee~~ but I console myself thinking that Im blogging for both of us ( ̄ー ̄)/


Well~ REmix is goinig off to an ANIMECON~!!! OMFG~!!!! &*(^* @#%^@!! sooo excited!! LOL~~

Its all because...

Its our first time COSPLAYING~!!! (*^◇^)/゚・ Hehe~~

Man everyone I told was surprised that I havent starting cosplaying already~~ >^< ..they were wrong tho~!! hmph!!

Soo I figured to pick an "easy" character to cosplay~ but~~ I just got obsessed with NekoJin~! (Cat-people)~~ IDEK whyy~~hee

So I did some research~~ and I've dragged Ryuu-chan along to cosplay Aoiyagi Ritsuka from "Loveless"! \(⌒▽⌒) *dances round the room*

<------ Im trying to get this look~~

Weelll it will be an interesting experience seeing how everything will turn out and also how I'd look as a guy...>__> nyaa~~!!

Ohh yeah~! I was soo excited to tell you guys bout cosplaying that I almost forgot to say which convention we are going to~~

Time~ 10.00 am-5.00 pm
When~ 24th July 2010
Venue: Hyatt Hotel/Regetta Rooms

Yeah for more info~ Click http://www.animenz.com/~!
Ok la~~ I will update you guys on my progress~! ヾ(゚▽゚*)ノ
Heres Vistlip's new PV~! Hameln~~

Azumi ヽ(∇^*)o

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Im sorry its not working~!!! U(。・x・)ノ

Azzuuuu here~! wheee~~ its the holidayyysss~! ♪

Sorry if the title alarmed you~~ but Ive been trying the whole day to customise Remixnyaa~~ ~~-(* ̄・ ̄)。。 and it has beenn failllll TT~TT I totally SUCK at these things~~ *sigh* >3<=3

All I know what to do is to change the wallpaper kekeke~~

Anyways~~I'll update you guys one what we've been duing lately~~ o(~∇~*o)

Ryuuchan and I "wagged" the FIRST day of the last day of Term 2~~ So i wont technically call it justified wagging~ Ahh after 4 yrs..it has come to this~~ bwahaha~! Yeah we went on a mission to find endorsed products~!! (^・ω・)/ Isn't Ryuu just cuuute~!

We also found Yuma's (the dude from Koishite Akuma) candy~! (yes we have nothing better to do~LOL)


On Monday~ we celebrated Hana-chan's bday~~ It was belated but we went to watch the new "Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (who really does look like Will)

The movies not too bad but its basically just a remake of the old one~ with different settings, characters, stunts and movie effects~ o( ̄▽ ̄o)

IMO however, I think it gives China a bad name as all the people and bullies are Chinese~

The gangsta-wannabe sitting beside me and his friends made pretty rasist comments (which shall not be written on here) when the lead girl came out~ o(*゚□ ゚*)o Grr

Anyways the pics are on Ryuu chans camera~~ will get it soon...

Take care everybody~!


P.s Blogger is being a Sh*t face not letting me upload picsss~~ so not many today~! m(.__.)m

Friday, July 2, 2010

ヾ(^∇^) Chocolate~! ♥

Hey guys~!!
Azu here~~
Yatta~! Its the hols~! kekeke
Ahh at long last~~!! ☆ヽ(▽⌒*)♪ *dances around the room*

Man I really needed the term to end -_- Weelll I havent done a music post in agess~~!!
Soo this will the one for July~! ♥ ♥ (Well the songs I've been listening to end-ish of June and Start of Julls)

It will be a mix of both Kpop/Jrock~

Yeah I havent been listening to much Japanese music as I havent really found any ones that i quite like~~ T^T

Here Goes:..

1) Big Bang's Taeyang- SOLAR/I need a girl-It feels like I've been waiting for this one for ages~!

Tae Yang's "I need a Girl" and his SOLAR album~!! ★.。・:*:・゚'☆♪
I think this song is pretty catchy~~ But has taken awhile or me to like it~~ than all his previous ones~! Nevertheless Tae Yang X GD is smooking~!!!∩( ´∀`)∩ I looks more manly with his stubble

@credits: Big Bang Haven

I wanted to post the pictures of hima nd his "chocolate abs" but I wanted to make this post enjoyable for everyone i.e...no nosebleeding fangirlssss kekeke(@゚ー゚@)ノ

2) Big bang's TOP- Turn it up
Yes eventhough this has been released a while ago~~ Its still mega AWESOME~! Ahh I swear I'll will marry a TOP-look-alike one day~~ *sigh*..kekeke

Ahh his voice oozing with sexiness (so much for keeping this G rated xD) Ahhhh

3) Ok for some Jrock~~

Ayabie has released some pvs~~ Heres one of them (*´▽`*)

I should really do another Jrock post as I have found more kyaa-worthy bands~!! Rookies are EPIC~! ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

4) SS501- Love Ya
This song was realeased when my internet died~~ so I only got it a few weeks ago~~ ahh soo awesome~!

ok only 4 atm~~ ><'... Bros nagging to go on~~ sigh...will needa get a new lappie asap -_- btW~~ Ryuu-chans internet died again~~ shes needs to get unlimited lol~ p.s: Cant wait for Kanon Wakeshimas new song- Lolitawork Libretto -Storytelling ~ It sounds deliciously dark~!! to suit my mood nowadaysss -_-"

Love as always~~
♪~♪ d(⌒o⌒)b♪~♪