Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jin's Eternal pv

Uwaaaah~ it feels like i haven't posted on this page for forever O_O

but anyway Ryuu here to share some Jin love~

Some Wallpapers i have made from the Eternal PV

so here they are~

preview and DL links:

And to DL all of them

^^ have fun with them but they took ages to make even if they are simple. All are HD and have WATERMARKS THAT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN OF~
please be kind ^^

i don't mind if you use them for things like LJ/blog account backgrounds and headers whatever by reformatting or sizing them but the watermark is to show who made them and i would like to be credited

I tried to keep each wallpaper as simple as i could... but i'm still new at making these so it's kinda hard to put an idea into solid form :P
all are around 500KB and 1800 width (widescreen)

oh and on a random not the fourth wallpaper has written on it the message at the end of the pv (though it's kinda hard to read when you first look)

you can find the pv here:
pas: (waratte)
13.58MB in HQ/HD, i couldn't get the size of the video to rip larger than 360 x540 pixels cos of my funny converter. Although i have found no matter what size you enlarge it, it will stay HQ/HD. Perfect for Ipods etc :D

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Galileo Galilei (Band) and Akanishi Jin's Performance on Music station/ MTV iggy


well to start it off i guess updates ^^
recently i heard of this band

though they are still very young their sound is good and they hold potential to get bigger. to be honest they reminded me of ONE OK ROCK to start of just because they have that sort of slower mellow rock ONE OK ROCK had in their first cd if i'm remembering right.

i'm not really sure about the biography of the group but i do know that the members of this new quartet are 18 years or younger (well according to sources)

next up MTV IGGY's special interview with Akanishi~

yep it's finally out and you can watch all the parts... yeah all of them on their site:

i don't know how to save the videos so ==

And the long waited for Music station performance can be seen here~


for those who want to upload it to their ipods/iphones

resolution is 470 x 270 for both cos my converter didn't want to make it bigger.
HD but not HQ
(though if you do make it bigger the quality stays to semi hd)
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Monday, February 14, 2011

JUMP to take over Shonen Club

so Ryuu here~ i guess most JUMP, Koyama and Nakamaru fans have heard Hey! Say! JUMP is going to be hosting Shonen Club.... for how long... i don't know, but i'm super happy :P

I hope it's all of them not just a few (even if it's like a few this week then the others another week, it would be so much better)

my guess is Daiki, Yuto and Takaki are gonna be regulars since they've been doing it for a while :D

news here:

it says Hey! Say! JUMP now :P so we shall have to wait and see for the 14 March == so next month... hey isn't that white day?

oh yeah and happy Valentines Day

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yellow Gold Tour 3010 DVD release info

Yay~ Azunyan posted :P:P:P:P:P:P

eh? are you sure your computer can't upload or maybe... idk is there an update for it?

nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan

it looks like my cangirling come to a standstill for a while... okay maybe a week but that week had wuite a few things happening like the Alice Nine meet and greet, but i can't be bothered relooking for that article but to all those... it did happen and i am jealous.

so to the main event of this post:

cr on the image

Yellow Gold DVD preorders
by YOU&JIN on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 9:22am
1)Limited edition A (2DVDS) 6000yen (~$70 USD)
[DISC1]「Yellow Gold Tour 3011」Live
[DISC2] Special videos *America tour digest + Saitama Super Arena Documentary初回限定盤A-2枚組DVD-携帯ストラップ型ツアーパス・レプリカ付/dp/B004NIFQL8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1297599848&sr=8-3

2)Limited edition B (DVD + photobook) 7000yen (~$80 USD)
Special package
[DISC1]「Yellow Gold Tour 3011」Live
[Photobook] Hard cover photobook (Original shot + Live shot)初回限定盤B-携帯ストラップ型ツアーパス・レプリカ付/dp/B004NIFQNG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1297599848&sr=8-1

3)Normal Edition (DVD) 5000yen (~$60 USD)
[DISC1]「Yellow Gold Tour 3011」Live通常盤/dp/B004NIFQNQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1297599848&sr=8-2

All the DVD's no matter if it's limited or not are the same, only the extras in limited A and B are different to the regular edition
the amazon links are all for amazon japan therefore i will update it more with different links one yesasia and cdjapan (the usual) come up with the links and if possible places you could possibly buy the dvd if not online (though at the moment there is no news on the venues.



yay~ can't wait for this at all ^^ but there is still no news on his Japanese album or his American release of the Eternal single.... that i guess is still in the process of negotiation

so me going back to writing papers and lab reports -.- Azunyan enjoy your holidays and the sun for both of us XD

peace~ Ryuu~out

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hey guys!!

Yeah its Azu here!! Sorry for being MIA for sooo long ><'gomena Ryuu chan for making you post soo much kekeke~~ Anyways... Ive just been trying to catch up with kpop news and watching dramas (soo bored) while waiting for uni to start~~~ Man there is soo much to catch up on after 5 weeks of being away TAT; But yeah for some reason Blogger is not allowing me to post vids T^T doushite?!?!

Anyways... Ryuu-chan's package from Canada came this morning!!! And it contained...


Big Show- Big Bang 2010 Concert and NEWS 2010 concert!!!! KYAAAA my two fave groups wahahaha <3 Ty ryuu-chan~~



But yeah.. as you can see from the pics.. Ive also chopped my fringe... ┐('~`;)┌ IDK whyy bahahaha~~ Anywyas will update soon~~

MBLAQ-Stay ahh they got hotter..and Mir looks more and more like Ft Island's Hongki kekeke

P.S:This is my other blog (@ryuu chan.. the t-shirt tutorial is here ^^)

Another fangirling this time for the Engrish Boy, (Keito to make big screen debut)

lol sorry Azunyan know your posting but i wanted to post this .... just cos it's sooo funny to see the kid who never speaks in JUMP finally get a staring role.... kinda like Ueda in Konkatsu

cr to erintaguchi.lj

Hey! Say! JUMP’s Keito Okamoto (17) will make his drama acting debut in the final season of “3年B組金八先生ファイナル (3-nen B-gumi Kinpachi Sensei Final)”, it was revealed on February 4, reports Sankei Sports.

Okamoto’s father and Johnny’s senior Kenichi Okamoto (41) had also starred in the long-running drama back in 1985, making this the first time a Johnny’s father and son have, in a way, gone to the same school. However, it does mean Keito’s character is the son of his father’s character.

Drama producers have said Keito will instead play a character who holds the key to this season’s class. He will play a troublemaker who has been thrown around several junior high schools before being transferred to Sakura Junior High. In the drama he shuns away from everyone, but Kinpachi sensei (Tetsuya Takeda) does his best to get his new student back on his feet.

It has been reported Keito spoke confidently about his acting debut role.

“I feel very grateful to have been chosen to star in this prestigious show,” he said.

It has also been revealed that Keito had not relied on his father’s name, and had beaten his competition through the show’s audition process.

“This is a show that generations of my seniors have been in. I want to give it everything I’ve got to overcome that pressure,” he said.

The Kinpachi Sensei drama series have been made since 1979, and this year’s season will be the grand finale to the show’s 32-year history. Over the years a large number of Johnny’s talents have starred in the show, from Masahiko Kondo (46) to Kazuya Kamenashi (24).

reasons for loving this kid.... just cos he's so awkward and tall... and speaks english therefore probably the only member of JUMP i can have a long conversation with if we ever meet (you never know) :P

Ryuu done for now... waiting for Azunyan~

My fangirling must be released >o

Ryuu HERE~ i think almost every Jin fan has already heard but HE'S GONNA BE ON MUSIC JAPAN ON 18 FEBRUARY

yay~ looks like we can finally see the elusive JinJin on tv once again before he sets of on another tour... (though i don't know when and where just RUMORS)

anyway see here:

where the first post translates to:

TV Asahi

"Music Station" (Friday 20:00 to 20:54) 2 / 18 (Fri) Determining

performance! (2011/02/04)

i'm not sure what determining performance means...
because... determining performance... so like it
determines whether he's gonna make it in the industry solo or with his new style or if people like him or akdjfbsiudgkjhf

TT^TT but yeah :P