Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bling Ring Ring~♪

おひさしぶりだよね~!(/・0・) ひやぁ〜
Hello everyone~~~! Long time no c~!(=∇=)ノ~ ♪
あずみでよ~~!☆みな 元気ですか?
Azumi here~! How are all you guys~??

Well just to let u guys know~ that we are ok~ and had funn at the ball~! hehe~
Just waiting for everyone for send me the 100x of piccys...>< I didnt bring mine~ ( ´ ▽`;)/

Anyways..heres a pic~~ I forgot to get everyones permission to put it on blog~~ so only REmix is shown~(・。・)ノ はい~!!

Hehe~~ ok thing to come up~~ as the holidays are coming~! whee~(≧∇≦)

1) Revamp blog
2) Make spoof of a kpop/jpop mv~~(any suggestions??)
3) Put up more tutorials~! ( ^ー゜)b

Ok~~ gtg~~ bibi~!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ビートロック☆ラブ (Beat Rock☆Love) me+ Takeru= YAY!

Ryuu here ^^ just a quick question

Okay... so as you all might have noticed i'm a SuG and mostly Takeru fan (not that any of the other members are bad but i find Takeru to be most appealing XD yesh i did say it)

So as i am surfing the Blagosphere for more SuG related things i come on the vid (above) and am like "cool what's that?"
then i did the fangirl thing and googled it. apparently it's been out for a while... damn i'm slow with the news and what's more there are no sites where they have a version of it with english subtitles. therefore i cannot fully enjoy watching it because when they start talking i don't know what they are saying.... and watching it as a silent film is just stupid, then i wouldn't be able to hear all their beautiful voices


  • Writer:
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: March 28, 2009
  • Runtime: 79 min.
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Beatrock Love is a youth story about a visual kei band, where the members, also being friends, of a band called Love Diving enter a contest and try to advance their career further while getting hurt by their opponents.


credits (asianmediawiki)
So does anyone know where i can watch it with some english subs cos right now i'm watching them without =="

That's the first part if anyone wants to watch it too ^^

it's filmed on a sorta shoulder camera kinda thing, like the camera is a friend of the band and is just there watching things unfold. so don't just judge on the rate on which the filming was done 'kay ^^ so happy :D:D:D:D:D

so now i am going to go and secretly try and watch it (._.) i'm still not allowed to be on the net and watching stuff cos my broadband + biology assignment seem to not mix well together

GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE if you have the english sub version or a better copy of the movie please send linkage or tell please ^^ it would make my day

ryuu out

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sorry sorry sorry~~~ MAKE! *claps* (人*・ω・)★===

Mina!! yo!!~! ヾ(○・ω・○)☆

Long time no c!! kekeke

Err just to update ya!! ヾ(。・∀・。)<---kyaa soo cute!! hehe

1) First some pics from the city trip with Yuri and Ryuu-nyan~~(。・∀・。)ノ

2) Last Fri- Nana-cyan, Ryuu-cyan, Sara-cyan, Niania chan too went over to Nana's house to have a trial run of makeup~! (*´・ω・`)ノ

Yeha~~ so I ended up helping Nana and Ryuu with theirs and took piccys~~ ><" I totally forgot my camera so you'll just have to squint at the pics from Ryuu-chans camera phone~~

Yess I look emo~~ and freaky~~ but that was after I got bored and tried the look.... lets just say im never doing it agn (*^д^*)

But here was my eye before~! WARNING: I look like i was on drugsss~~ >__<>

hehe~~ yeah~~ so ryuu-chan. sara-chan and I are goinf to make white corsages for our group tomorrw~! yatta~! (゚▽゚●)♪ *Fingers crossed it turns out ok* 0(><)0

Yeah anyways~~ here are some Johnny's pics Ryuu-chan found that I thought were hillarious~!

With that~ I bid you goodbye~~ Tell me goodbye~~~ Big Bang is L.O.V.E ♪
Peace Out~!


Ryuu desu~ just surfing the interblog and found this:

 1.DREAMER   Lyricist:Yabu Kota Composer:BOUNCEBACK Arrangements:高橋哲也、佐藤泰将

2.INFINITY   Lyricist: Yaotome Hikaru Composer: 内田智之 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

3. 瞳のスクリーン (Hitomi no Screen)日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ「左目探偵EYE」主題歌 (Nihon TV Saturday Dorama Theme Song)Lyricist:村野直球 Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:鈴木雅也

4.真紅 (Shinku/ Crimson [color-dark red])  Lyricist: Yamada Ryosuke Composer:Fredrik Hult Arrangements:h-wonder

5. ガンバレッツゴー! (Ganbarettsugo!)  Lyricist:藤林聖子、MAKOTO Composer・Arrangements:h-wonder

6.情熱 JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)  Lyricist:ma-saya  Composer:BOUNCEBACK Arrangements:船山基紀

7.すまいるそんぐ (Sumairu Songu/Smile Song)  Lyricist: Chinen Yuri Composer:Shusui, Hirofumi Sasaki Arrangements:石塚知生

8.Memories   Lyricist:ma-saya  Composer:加藤裕介 Arrangements:佐藤泰将

9. Dreams come true TBS系 フジテレビ系「バレーボール世界最終予選」イメージソング (TBS TV "VolleyBall World Semi-final" image song)Lyricist:久保田洋司 Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

10.Time   Lyricist: Takaki Yuya Composer: 平田祥一郎 Arrangements:Arioka Daiki、Eddy

11.Score   Lyricist: Yabu Kota  Composers:JOEY CARBONE and STEVEN LEE Arrangements:前口渉 RAP lyrics:Yaotome Hikaru

12. Your Seed 映画「カンフー・パンダ」イメージソング (Image song of the movie )Lyricist:ma-saya Composer:h-wonder Arrangements:ha-j

13.アイ☆スクリーム (Ai☆Sukuriimu <--is that a pun?! "I scream/ Ice-cream/ Love scream"??!!)  Lyricist+Composer:Yaotome Hikaru    Arrangements:磯崎健史、吉岡た

14. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ (Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ「スクラップ・ティーチャー ~教師再生~」主題歌 (Nihon TV Saturday Dorama Theme Song)Lyricist:ma-saya Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:馬飼野康二、石塚知生

15.Dash!!   Lyricist:Nakajima Yuto Composer: 原一博 Arrangements:川端良征、清水昭男

16. Ultra Music Power フジテレビ系「ワールドカップバレー2007」イメージソング (Fuji TV Image song)Lyricist:MSS Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

17.Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ (Thank you~Bokutachi kara kimi e~/Thank you~From us to you~)  

Lyricists:Hey! Say! JUMP Composer:STVEN LEE Arrangements:船山基紀 Song Co-ordination:JOEY CARBONE

RUMOURS (idk if it is real cos i'm at school and can't really listen to the post/cm)

To tell yo the truth i am not sure about the whole thing so wait from it to be official..though i think from the cm it is (-_-)" just wait for me to spaz about it later 'jay >.0
i think it is real, if not i am so gonna be bummed cos i really want to hear what's on the cd....even if i can't get it cos i can't order it online stupid parents and their need to not let me have a credit card ( though if i did i would probably spend all the credit on useless things *cough ICE CREAM!!!! cough* :P)


cr: google, aznongaku

i am also slowly noticing a pattern that my posts are getting smaller and smaller... sigh==" what can i say i don't really share well, it's like my brain wants to leap ahead of what i'm typing so it all comes out jumbled and i delete what doesn't make sense...which is most XD
i also notice that i look down to type sometimes esp. when i make a mistake and i don't look up after correcting it.... i need to learn how to touch type better... and the heys to the library computer is kinda gross =A=" like oily.... yeaaaaah... enough sai, public computers are gross

So that's me for now.. maybe i'll come back later and post whatever else i find ^^ please look forward to it.....
anyway the computer next to me is flashing so i think it's time for me to go BYE BYE~


Credits to nisiyan41509 @ youtube. you can download the file from here in mp4. format ^^

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ryuu again~

minna... i'm bored and my head hurts (-.-)"
this is gonna be a short post cos i'm not supposed to be on here ><
(. _.) shh don't tell anyone okay ^6^

so as Azunyan posted before we went to the city with Yuri-chan to get some supplies XD

yes that is what i call make up

==... the dumb thing is i have no idea what other make up is out there other than: eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss... yes i am really bad with girly things -. -

anyway since we are on the topic of makeup here are the ideas for my makeup

we are going JROCK STYLE!!

though i am not sure how this is going to look with my dress... (v. girly and blue :P)

so these are some ideas for my makeup


check them out if you want to find some ideas too (they give some tutorials)

And to carry on with my SuG love at the moment i want TAKERU'S EYES!!!

and yes the second pic is from Takeru's Ameblo Blog :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

if you want the blog


yeah so if you want to see (*stalk*) him that's the place to go

he updates it usually and posts pics (^A^)

if anyone has any ideas for makeup please comment!!! ^^ Ryuu out :P

KAT TUN (N.M.P) pv and Jin talks about his LA concert

Minna!!!~Ryuu here ^^

i know i've posted just random news at the moment (mostly on Jrock) here's some news on one of my favourite JE group KAT TUN!!!!

yes i know that at the moment it's KT TUN,

and A in L.A. but i still love them

the first is KT TUN's new pv N.M.P (no more pain). I find the new concept of space age-ness like their other vid "Going" (spoiler alert!!!) the whole darth vader begining is funny to watch cos it reminds me of Final Fantasy and the whole fighting the heartless thing and the moving tatoos XD love

watch the vid, the graphics are cool, but i wonder how they are going to preform this live ^^


i'm still throwing a hissy fit that i can't attend either the KT TUN concert and the Jin and You concert but i still love them, here is Jin talking in english :P he sounds so shy.

i wonder if all the backup dancers for his concert even knew of him before they auditioned for the show :/

ANYWAY... enjoy sorry about the quality

That's all from me, Azunyan will be posting something.. sometime when she has time (the assesments we're doing is pretty long) have a good day everyone

One Ok Rock new pv "Liar" and Miku's new band

Ryuu here again ^^
gonna be a short post cos i got to do some assignments which are due really soon with the way i work
i hope everyone has checked out the new SuG pv, Takeru's new look is so cute XD and i love how they randomly crashed the couples date thing.
on more jrock news One Ok Rock has released a new pv
i'm loving the fact that Taka's english has gotten better
i can't seem to find the vid on youtube to upload it straight onto the blog gomen ==' so this is a link to jpopasia.com
go check it out it's worth the time ^^
(....for some reason i can't upload images at the moment so i can't put any of One Ok Rock or Lc5 yet gomen gomen ==)
Miku's new band news (An Cafe)
i'm sure most have already heard of this but An Cafe has issued a hiatus after the Budokan preformance in January to pursue other activities (what they are i don't know yet)
here's the article:
but yeah i can't read it properly but it says something about a learning experience.....to grow An Cafe into a better group (?? idk)
This is news of Miku's new band Lc5
i'm still finding info about them so just wait i'm sure they'll be good...but i hope this hiatus doesn't last for too long
anyway good night everyone, wish me luck that i don't fail these two assements ^^

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Koakuma Sparkling FULL PV SuG

RYUU again here it is!!!!!!

gomen for not being able to put this on the other post it was already too big with all the pics ><" But here it is the new SuG pv


RYUU DESU~~ I'M BAAAAACK!!! anyone miss me??

Well i am happy cos i finally have internet again... although it's still slightly shitty and slow :P

Last time i promised to have better ramblings so today i decided to post the most exciting news i've had in well... the past hour that i watched the video ><"

SuG's NEW PV!!! with their new look that i posted about earlier!!!! (^o^)\m/

(gomen i still don't know how to work this blooger thing so i will post the vid in a seperate post )

aswell as that i'm just going through a liking spree of JRock bands and well still loving the Johnny's (but seriously who doesn't >.o i know you can't hate them even you guys out there) lol lol lol joking people can have their own oppinions

so who am i liking well


well i'm kinda looking for some happy music so that i don't have really freaky dreams where you get tired in them and wake up more tired than you did going to bed ... has anyone else had that before??


Okay i know i said happy but i really like the ambient sound these guys have ^^

3. and the last for the night イロクイ(Irokui)

I love their eyes don't you?

well yes, that's my bed time lullabies lined up and ready to go ^_^
who has some jrock groups they want to tell me about?? i'm all ears to anything that sounds like: L'arc en Ciel, LM.C, SuG, Perriot, Plastic Tree etc..

So yeah drop a comment in the Chat box or just comment on this post


Monday, June 7, 2010

ヾ(´▽`) Bygones be Bygones~~

Duuude~! Where do i get the titles from.... -_-" kekeke~

Weeelll Azu here ~! Weell as I said Ryuuchan, Yuri-chan and I went shopping for supplies~~ and fooood~! …*(≧〇≦)*
It was awesome too cos I saw a friend that I havent seen in FOREVER~! We chatted for awhile and promised to meet up sometime~~☆

So yeah~~ we bought make and had food at this chinese restaurant that was cheap...but my noodles were reallllyyy oilly~~ I wonder why its cheap LOL! 〜〜(  ̄Д ̄) Ohh well it was a good experience tho~ The funny thing was that tho it was Sunday~ all thegood Japanese restaurants weren't even OPEN~!! TT^TT We walked everywhere~! (。-`ω-)ン≡3 It burned calories tho~! hehehe

Yup so on Friday we will co to nyan nyan's hse to try on Make~! wheee~! ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ Soo excited~! Man the just organising where how and who to go to the ball takes more sweat and blood than the actual event !!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Oh wells~~ will post more after Fri~~ I just realised all the music news comes from Ryuunyan and all the "adventures of Ryuu and Azumi" come from me d(。・∀・。)♪ interessstinnnggg~~! hehe

ttyl for now~ xx

Azumi \(・∀・。)♪

Friday, June 4, 2010

Addicted to Music (Azumi) ♪ KPOP

Hey guys Azumi desu~! ♪

So ive decided~ I will post my top fav Kpop/Jpop songs at the end of each month~~ Just so I can share some music and it'll keep me motivated to keep up to date ☆+★ヾ(゚▽゚*) So heres my KPOP ones for the month~ in no particular order~!

1) SS501- Love Ya
Man they rock aye~! I never used to be into them but this song is catchy as hell~!

2) Super Junior- Bonamama

Kyaaa~! Tehehe wat more can I say? ヽ(∇ ̄*)o My fav boys of SuJu is Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyunnie~! <3

3) CN Blue LOVE

Ive been listening to them ever since I finished the drama "Youre Beautiful"~! ^^

4) F(x)-Nu ABO
They are one of the few girl Kpop groups I listen to LOL

5) Davichi- Time please stop
Its like a lullaby at the start then it HITS you ヾ(*~∀~*)ゞ Awesome voices both of them~!

How do you like my list?? ♪(⌒▽⌒) ノ


U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!Snip Snip~!

O(≧▽≦)O nyaaapppyy~!!!!

hows everyone??

heres are new pic of Ryuunyan and me~~ Ive got bags under eyes coz dat week was wen i was dead tired~ orz~ We havnt changed have we?? xD

hehe~~ nyaaa you can tell im missing An Cafe~~ esp Kanon and Bou (T^T)
anychance to promote JROCK kekeke~~

ヘ(ё_ё)ノ Ryuu-chan's internet renews in TWO daysss~!!! yatta~! Then you'll c more of her~ kekeke~
Anyways heres my FIRST tutorial~~ due to time constraints (im supposed to be duin hmk)..fml~~ I will post it in word form~~hope thats ok~!

Korewa~~ the finish product desu~!!!(the shirt thingy i mean)~ ∩(´∀`)∩ワァ-♪ Face was yucky

So...heres the steps~!

Things you'll need:

-Large shirt


-Needle and thread

-Other fabric that matches ure tshirt colour


1) Place your t-shirt on a flat surface and turn it inside out. \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

2) Use a chalk to draw a line to cut off the collar and make the neckline as wide as you want. (so you can have it off-shoulder ヾ(*・∀・)/ )

3) Cut a large square of fabric that will fit around the sleeve and the collar of the shirt to form a loop (this is for the ribbon). Turn it iside out so that the right side is facing in. Fold the square in half and sew.

4) Take the now sewn rectangle and flip it till its on the right side. Thread the rectangle through the hole of the collar and sleeve and sew the ends together.

5) now take another tiny triangle and put it around one side of the large rectangle to make a riboon. sew the ends~!

6) Finish the raw edges~! and your DONE ^^

yeah i didnt have time to finish the raw edges..but it doesnt matter cos T-shirt material doesnt fray as much~ ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)

Hehe hope it wasnt that hard to understand~(⌒∇⌒;)

Well...its Queens Birthday weekend this weekend so that means LONG weekend~! YIPEE~!! So.. the gang and me will go shopping on Sun and then on Mon I will have to do my hat and other bits and pieces for the ball~!! Not long to go now~! Cant wait~@_@~"

So will post more soon~!

take care