Thursday, June 10, 2010


RYUU DESU~~ I'M BAAAAACK!!! anyone miss me??

Well i am happy cos i finally have internet again... although it's still slightly shitty and slow :P

Last time i promised to have better ramblings so today i decided to post the most exciting news i've had in well... the past hour that i watched the video ><"

SuG's NEW PV!!! with their new look that i posted about earlier!!!! (^o^)\m/

(gomen i still don't know how to work this blooger thing so i will post the vid in a seperate post )

aswell as that i'm just going through a liking spree of JRock bands and well still loving the Johnny's (but seriously who doesn't >.o i know you can't hate them even you guys out there) lol lol lol joking people can have their own oppinions

so who am i liking well


well i'm kinda looking for some happy music so that i don't have really freaky dreams where you get tired in them and wake up more tired than you did going to bed ... has anyone else had that before??


Okay i know i said happy but i really like the ambient sound these guys have ^^

3. and the last for the night イロクイ(Irokui)

I love their eyes don't you?

well yes, that's my bed time lullabies lined up and ready to go ^_^
who has some jrock groups they want to tell me about?? i'm all ears to anything that sounds like: L'arc en Ciel, LM.C, SuG, Perriot, Plastic Tree etc..

So yeah drop a comment in the Chat box or just comment on this post


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