Monday, June 7, 2010

ヾ(´▽`) Bygones be Bygones~~

Duuude~! Where do i get the titles from.... -_-" kekeke~

Weeelll Azu here ~! Weell as I said Ryuuchan, Yuri-chan and I went shopping for supplies~~ and fooood~! …*(≧〇≦)*
It was awesome too cos I saw a friend that I havent seen in FOREVER~! We chatted for awhile and promised to meet up sometime~~☆

So yeah~~ we bought make and had food at this chinese restaurant that was cheap...but my noodles were reallllyyy oilly~~ I wonder why its cheap LOL! 〜〜(  ̄Д ̄) Ohh well it was a good experience tho~ The funny thing was that tho it was Sunday~ all thegood Japanese restaurants weren't even OPEN~!! TT^TT We walked everywhere~! (。-`ω-)ン≡3 It burned calories tho~! hehehe

Yup so on Friday we will co to nyan nyan's hse to try on Make~! wheee~! ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ Soo excited~! Man the just organising where how and who to go to the ball takes more sweat and blood than the actual event !!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Oh wells~~ will post more after Fri~~ I just realised all the music news comes from Ryuunyan and all the "adventures of Ryuu and Azumi" come from me d(。・∀・。)♪ interessstinnnggg~~! hehe

ttyl for now~ xx

Azumi \(・∀・。)♪

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