Friday, June 4, 2010

Addicted to Music (Azumi) ♪ KPOP

Hey guys Azumi desu~! ♪

So ive decided~ I will post my top fav Kpop/Jpop songs at the end of each month~~ Just so I can share some music and it'll keep me motivated to keep up to date ☆+★ヾ(゚▽゚*) So heres my KPOP ones for the month~ in no particular order~!

1) SS501- Love Ya
Man they rock aye~! I never used to be into them but this song is catchy as hell~!

2) Super Junior- Bonamama

Kyaaa~! Tehehe wat more can I say? ヽ(∇ ̄*)o My fav boys of SuJu is Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyunnie~! <3

3) CN Blue LOVE

Ive been listening to them ever since I finished the drama "Youre Beautiful"~! ^^

4) F(x)-Nu ABO
They are one of the few girl Kpop groups I listen to LOL

5) Davichi- Time please stop
Its like a lullaby at the start then it HITS you ヾ(*~∀~*)ゞ Awesome voices both of them~!

How do you like my list?? ♪(⌒▽⌒) ノ


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