Sunday, December 11, 2011

WOAH~ been a while!!

Ryuu here,
Amazed at how reluctant I am at blogging since... well I should do it sometime or this blog wold just be EMPTY~

IDK honestly i kinda just log on to blogger if I have some important project I should be doing but haven't even gotten started on.

So what's my little but of procrastination for the day?

Tanner Patrick

That's right. The guy who looks like he should have been cast as Edward Cullen.

He's pretty I do think :D

Have I ever said I have this weird loving for green eyed boys?

Well I do and this guy fits the cut :P

Sigh well that's my randomness for now.

We should all know by now that ABC.Z is debuting in 2012 on a DVD. It's a first for Johnny's to debut on a dvd I think but ABC.Z are the Acrobatics Boys Club (Z?) random Z there but yeah they are pretty good at it too. There strong points are their live performances esp with all the musicals that they've done since they were formed. My two favs from the group are Goseki and Kawai :D they're just so funny.

:O and if you haven't seen the 9/12 episode of Shokura you better go find it for a great performance of Moonlight by non other than the next JE golden boy Yamada Ryousuke (yes i spell it with the u) and yep I won't spoil it for you.

er, what else... let's see. NYC are releasing a new single called Wonderful Cupid (it's like something you'd hear from Anne of Green Gables), JUMP has winter tour dates all set up.... Yamada and Yuuto are both in a drama with Fujigaya (KISMAI) about a boy (Yama) with a mother complex. Chinen is staring as Yamapi's younger brother in a drama about taking over a family's funeral business. Jin's new single SEASONS has an adorable lil girl playing his daughter while Jin finally stops wearing a hat and glasses for a couple minutes....

er... Daiki has a 7 hour special New Years drama coming up too... So does Yamada. They both look great in traditional clothing just saying :P

I think that's all I can think of at the top of my head..

KPOP... well I haven't had the time to troll those sites yet but I'm pretty sure there are more people who are doing a better job at posting than I am

Yep that's it...

Now that it's past 10 I think I will start both my Food and Nutrition assignment and my Physics lab -x-'''