Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update~ Jrock news

ヾ(´・ω・`) Konnichiba~

Azumi here! Hows everyone?? Just taking a break from studying here at my schools library~ thus why I cant post any remix pis~ TAT~

Its ok though~! Cos Im exciiiteedd~!! The restaurant for our bday bash is booked!! wheee!~

Also I just caught up with my Japan news~~ and TOKYOHIVE has jsut made my day!!

Ive been anticipating KanonXKANON's new single and PV~ and its just come out!!!
Too bad I cant watch it in the schools lib -_-; But I will fly home at once and watch it LOL~!

Both Kanons are my favourite artists!! and the concept for the PV looks soo awesome!!

Also AOI ex-Ayabie has also released a new single called "surrender love"

**Will update with links to PV when I get home**

YAYAYAY~!! Soo awesome! finally new tracks coming from my fav jrock bands!! YIPEE~!! hehe

Well yeah apart from exams in 2 weeks.. nothing can keep be down down down~~ ♪♪♪

Anyways~ hope everyone is SLIP SLOP SLAP'n since summerr is here~!!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

J-Rock Hitz Festival and LM.C's new pv/single "Let Me' Crazy"

OMG Ryuu here~ did everyone know about this before me? omg omg omg omg omg omg~

12/4(Sat) Oishi presents J-Rock Hitz Fest 2010
@Bangkok, Thailand Central World Office (Central World Garden)

Event name: Oishi presents J-Rock Hitz Fest 2010
Artist: SuG, ViVid, LM.C
Show Day: December 4th, 2010
Live: SuG, ViViD
Special Guest: LM.C(LM.C Talk event only, no live)
OPEN: 11:00
START: 15:00
Ticket SALE: Free Concert
Ticket Price: Free Concert
Venue: Central World Office (Central World Garden)
Country: Bangkok, Thailand

Contact: BEC TERO information center
TEL: +66-2262-3800 ext. 2817,
FAX: +66-2262-3921


DUDE WHY?????!!! i want to go go go go go go


okay so enough about that and on to other exciting news
LM.C has just released a new pv HORRAH!
its called "Let Me' Crazy" and i am digging the "new century electro punk" lol sigh love


XD i don't think that slushy was good for me, look forward to the up coming post on the life of a student Ryuu version (i'm sure you've seen Azunyan's)

^^ =3 okay calmed down :D will come back and do the next post later for now STUDY ==
Ryuu desu over and out -.-

UPDATE i forgot to add here's the new Good Charlotte ft Myavi

yep that's it still haven't watched ._. but i will just thought the fans would like to know ( i don' t like the new Good Charlotte sound it annoys me)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Yoh! ☆Hey!ヽ('ー'#)/ OFDs+adventures (Pic heavy)

Yo!! ☆Hehe~ Hows everyone??

Azumi desu~ Yeah~~ Ive got a ton of pics to spam you guys with~~ *evil grin*

Btw~ duuude Ryuu-chan~ ure post killed my eyessss #_#=3 Doushite mou AKAI?!?!?

Yeah here are some pics from when Ryuu-chan and I took a "break" from school the other day~~ shhhh >/\<

Walking home from school pics~ last week and today~~ its been GLORIOUUUSSS weather!!! YAA~! ヾ(*゚▽゚)ノ♪ Spring has finnaly decided to appear -_-;

OK here are some OFTs from this week and last~ around that~

This outfit was for last week for Breast Cancer Week 2010!

Random overall outfit~ LOL I got given these overalls by my mum! I <3 handmedowns LOL~

Todays outfit~ I just realised I REALLy like my new over the knee socks~ keke
I havent really done anything speacial to my hair~~ erither down or up lol!

Yup yup~so as Ryuu-chan said~ we are going to be on hiatus for awhile~ till after exams~ ^-^

Thanks for reading~! ヘ(´ー`*)
Take care till a months time!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slight sorta semi Hiatus (pic heacy carry on)

Guess who~ yup Ryuu here
so here is the screen shots i said i would put up

Ne Azunyan gonna post twice now cos i don't think i can post anything when i really and i mean really start studying [. _ .] yes that will happen so heres the pic spam i promised of dun tada dun those in my last post
NakaYama time ^^

Chii's candid shot of Yama
buhahahaha first Yama feeds Yuma then Yuma feeds Chinen too bad i don't really understand the dialogue -___-
yuma's confession and yamachii bullies

Yamachan's a bullyyyy and Yuma gets scared very easily XD
such a cute face to those who haven't seen this GO WATCH IT

pretty little yamada
this was so cute to watch just angry that Chiinyan's hair was all bleh again

I realize i am very Yamachii biased and on that very Yamachan biased
can't help it :P
so jaa i think that's will be it for a while, would upload more if the darn uploader would let me upload more than just two at a time :(
bye bye

HIBLAAAAAA~ (pic heavy ish) for some reson i can't upload the pics i want so pic spam next post 'kay?

It’s been a while ==” Ryuu desu

Gomen ne~

Update and you know what this will include ^0^/ yup Hey!Say!JUMP & NYC, Jin oh as well as Kame =_0 been a while since my two boys were in the same post (hush Azu yes I miss them :P)

As some - like Azunyan and I are at the moment – are busybusybusybusy cramming for our finals sigh the great life of a student ne Azunyan?


Mah~ oh well, time for random talk. NYC that’s Nakayama Yuma, Yamada Ryousuke, and Chinen Yuri have FINALLY released their new single!!! YAY!! I have to say this is a VERY cute song, those who haven’t listened to it LISTEN TO IT!

I’m not sure how many times I listened to the dvd/cd jacket shooting making of but freaking A Yamachan looks like a GIRL in some parts O.o

Anyone saw the first time they played their new single on Music Station O.O zomg Yama! Yeah I was really shocked how pretty he looks.

Yuma and his new haircut is going well, makes him look less how to put it- bug like? Yeah, something close to that.

Chinen, what more can be said about him other than SOOO CUUUUTE~ yesh anyone saw the recent scans Myojo scans for December? Yesh lol all cute and sleeping on the floor XD

Buahahahaha okay fangirling break ~.~ =33 phew breathe in, out, look into my Othello booklet, scan Plath’s poems…

Yeah studying really isn’t working too well.

Study note to self: Only study something for 30min it would seem I have no attention span for more than that.


Yesh! Finally~ well as I say “making” it’s more like planning, trying to figure out how to film it, when to film it and where to film as well as how we’re gonna cut and make the darn thing ==” whyy is it so haaard!

Wow I am overly using ! and ~ today…. Slightly hyper [._.] breathe- okay

I was thinking of just cutting some Shounen Club clips Azunyan, they’ve all done the songs we want to do only thing is two of those aren’t really JUMP together but Shounen JUMP, but that’s okay ne?

We shall see~


Yosha! Well Jinjin is back the U.S.A to do his thing in various states I am not anywhere near of TT^TT why are the tickets so expensive and why are the venues sooo soo FAAAR AWAAAY~

Ah~ (_v_),,, so anyone check the you&jin website? Lol I DID! And guess what I found!!

A vid of Jin speaking English, I hate to say it but it sounds really really really forced, might be cos he is shy but his pronunciation still needs some work –w- gomen ne other fan girls I just hope his English improves since he’s gonna need it if he is gonna stay in the western market.

Moving on – KAMECHAN! Buhahahaha won the best Jeanist award again! Because they just look good on him XD yup well except when he wears them so they bottoms of each pant leg don’t even touch the tops of his shoes O.O yesh~ if anyone else knows this they will know how ODD it LOOKS! Please asian guys or and guys DON’T WEAR YOUR JEANS LIKE THIS! It looks strange… okay this depends on personal taste but you know it’s just [. _ .]

It’s just like these guys I saw recently. Up the road from the school Azunyan and I Attend there’s a Boy’s High, and as boys do they also have their own fashion sense. You get the guys who high ride and wear their clothes like their Momma still dressed them and you get the low riders, the pants that have seen better days and just like girls you get the guys who alter their uniforms O.O yup

I have no problem with that if they didn’t make it look so … tight…

These guys have a choice between shorts or long trousers, you know the ones you get for nice clothes the dress pants I think they are called? Like a cheaper version of tuxedo pants but they are okay to just wear kinda casually. Anyway moving on these guys altered their clothes. I get it they wanted to make the pant legs a little more FITTED but I just didn’t like how TIGHT they had made them (on the other hand my friend who I was with like d how they looked cos they were as tight as skinny jeans -_____- yup they were that tight) it was a good thing though this guy that we saw wasn't the same as the last guy who not only altered his pants to fit but his knitted sweatshirt and had his polo shirt buttoned up so it looked like it was chocking him oxo it was that bad, his pant’s didn’t pass his shoe tops and his shirt/sweater didn’t go lower than his waist. I know prep and I did not know what this style was… maybe extreme prep. Have to admit that they are they only examples I have seen of this but you know you just take notice…

O____O woah that was a huge random …. Whatever this was…. But I still haven’t finished talking about Kame.

Finished watching Gokusen the Movie kyaaa~ looked freaking awesome in the movie :P but that’s my bias. Anyway like the new Anan pics cos he looks like his younger self when he used to sleep and such. Silly Johnny san. Overworking his stars. But I got to say without him we would never have our Boys so for…sometime this year month? I think it was the 24th? TANJOUBI OMEDETOU (sp?) yeah happy birthday

And I think I have hypered myself out so that was me

Ryuu drop a comment we will get abck to you! coughAzumicough

Oh yeah does anyone know an easy outfit to make for a early summer semi formal party? I still don’t know what to make and I think I’m lazy to after my exams

-_“anyway, i wanted to spam everyone but i will do that later sigh sigh

BYE BYE CYCLE kyaaa Kame~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New L.♡.V.E L.♡.v.E~

Konbanchuu~ (。・д・。)ノ

Azumi dechuu~ ((●・ω・)ノ♡ Hows everyone??
Well.. Just a quick update and to share my newest obsession (as of last night) kekeke ♪

Ive just got into the world of Nico Nico Douga singerss!!

For those of you who don't know who they are...they are basically a group of fandubbers on the Japanese version of Youtube called Nico Nico Douga~! They sing with Vocalloids (and also sometimes sound like them .__.) and cover anime songs~Somoe of them also have released albums~ There are quite a few of them and when they sing as a group they are known as the "Nico nico singers" or "Nico Nico Chorus"

Yeahh.. I was frantically searching for any information on them as I randomly stumbled across an ex-nicox2 singer called PIKO (he has just released an album). OMG his voice was like woooahh ..... OUo..*droolafterleavingmouthgapingfortoolong* Ahem..lets just say that he has an AMAZINGLY wiiiide vocal range! (≧3≦)
Check out his vid here(hes singing with another singer called Sekihan which has brown hair):

Well Ive been downloading mp3s from other talented singers and the one that stood out to me the most was CLEAR~ So I've just downloaded his DEAREST album~~ kyaaa Im definately going to keep an eye out for them!

(●′ω`人′ω`●) So yeaah~ do check them out! ^__^...

OMG freaking A... only 17 DAYS left of school and then EXAMS!!! Sh*t!!! And..yeahh..Ryuuchan has no internet again ゚(*´ω`)(´ω`○)

Till next time!! xoxo


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life of a student gyaru~ ☆ONE☆

OHAIIIII~!! ♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ”

Hey guyysss Azu desu~~ (dude I just realised Azu-nyan (as ryuu calls me) is the same as Azusa's nickname from K-ON~! <--I haven't watched the anime fully btw..) IDK if thats good or bad?? (。・ェ・。)?

Anywaysss...Spring is here!!! Its been gloriously sunny for the past week or so~yattttta~! Yes I know I said I'll blog on Sunday~ but I didnt have time T~T I did manage to camwhore tho wahahahhaa -_-; soo LAZYYYYYYY I BLAME it on HOLIDAY season!! HMPH!

I followed the trend of STRIPES~! I also made a few crop tops out of GUYS tees~! Theya re soo useful~! and also have funny slogans/pics on them!! If you are wondering~~ I couldnt use normal girls tees because 1~ the tees over here have the pics/slogans all accross the front and cost a whole damn lot!! So it'd be a waste to cut it ne?? Also guys shirts mostly have the print on the top half of the shirt~ so I can chop the bottom half without hesistating~! ^^ I will edit when I can load the picss -_-;

Anyways heres my outfit and camwhore pics from Sunday~! *I wont post too many camwhores or you guys will get tired of my face~!! Teheheheee

White cardi, striped one piece that has a skirt attached to it (which is UNDER my high waisted skirt), belt (all bought in NZ)

Yeah.. my bro said I look like my skirt and leggings were dissappearing~ -_-;

FOTD(?) My crappy asss camera's quality is too Shxty for clear FOTDs *siigh* need a new one soon~! ^___^
I was wearing new falsies~ so were a bit stiff and were coming out at the end of the day -A-
Yeaah~~ gotta get the Taste of Japan pics of Ryuu-chan somehow... maybe on Fri? idek~
Thats all for now~
xox Azumi☆

Because i can't think of anything better to do :/ (pic spam) cos i can't seem to get the size i want

Ryuu present ^^

well okay so i really don't have anything worth posting about today but i'm lazy to do anything else so just gonna ramble ^^ you guys know me :P

so just checking through some of the fashion sites that i look into
and you all know
pretty large fan base for the site. went on for the first time in a while and was greeted by this
i wonder what the dress looks like under the shirt, from the looks of it, the whole thing had the netting/ metal eyelets/ more ruffles. not something i would be happy wearing. but the whole thing is really cute :P

next these photos XD had to take the pics of my fav out of the group

and i will start my rambling from the right to the left :P bare with me i'm bored and hungry

Okay the dude with the popsicle stick looks like "yup too cool for youuuuuu" kinda guy. massive chain around his neck also makes me want to hang things from it like an extra large charm bracelet *shifty eyes* looks for my xmas decorations
okay forget describing them all, while staring at their pic all i got to say is this WHAT'S UP WITH THEIR CHOICE IN FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES O.o?
ones wearing a massive chain okay, next is wearing a coke bottle on a chain + tie (._.)...
next is wearing what looks to be a pair of scissors on a landyard decked out in kinda beach clothes *note to you please wear longer shorts... please* then the next is wearing a curtain fastener. the only one who's got an ok piece is the guy who looks like he's been living in the mountains for a while with his piece of cord around his neck... though it's being dwarfed by the massive scarf he is wearing on such a sunny day :/

yeah you don't really see this kinda thing where i live so it's kinda funny to see. fav person in the pic, second guy from the left :P he's so cute but i hate his shoes it's like okay WTF O.o?
and the random piece of neckwear he's got on looks like he was attacked by a curtain XD
but other than that the whole boho style he's got works well

see they're those old grandad style things... maybe he did take them from his grandad :/ idk

so yes that is my ramble now i have to go do the laundry.... XD man the post on tokyofashion said these were all high school students, i'd love to meet students like these :P wouldn't you?

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm baaaack~ my music news (pic heavy)

Hello Minna~ Ryuu desu
anyway since i haven't been back in a while i will update you all in what we've been doing
(sorry Azunyan no pics of Taste of Japan cos i can't seem to find the card reader and my computer doesn't support my computers software (_ _)" idek

so as Azunyan has posted in the last entry SHINee is back with "HELLO" yup Hello

offical vid

their smiles are BLINDING soooo cute and Taemin looks like he's grown up (i really wish their stylist would stop playing with the kids hair though)
^^/ me rofl at Onew he's so so so... idk how to put it funny?

(okay i lie not all cos i don't wanna screw this server up :P so first five all the rest can be seen on their offical page in (just different angles of these shots))

hai SHINee spam over next

yeah i'm predictable
so who watched their newset dvd *raise hands madly* yup i did and their previous two concerts in the same day XD it was like watching them grow CHINEN!! yup he's grown soo much

here they are ^^ won't spam you with these cos i don't know who to credit for the pics :/ yup
highlights BEST versions of GAMBARESTSGO (sp? idk) they're even more hyper then 7's version of Score XD sooo funny
back stage footage was fun too since we get to see all of them doing their hair (their pajamas are so BRIGHT)
i have one complaint though.. WTF is up with their costumes? cool they glow in UV light but really? ORANGE and GREEn and to make it worse NEON ORANGE AND GREEn its like WTH!! Johnny san you make the costumes stand out more than the boys!!

and to my next fav topic JIN~

Sun, October 3, 2010 (7:19pm EDT)
On Sunday, Jin Akanishi (26) held a fan club event at Zepp Tokyo, his first public appearance in Japan since leaving KAT-TUNin July. During the event, he talked about his U.S. tour this coming November, as well as his plans for next year. At the moment, he is looking to release his next single simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan.

Akanishi performed a total of 8 songs including "Eternal," which is the leading candidate for the upcoming single. He plans to release that single in Japan in early 2011.
Johnny's Jimusho is currently in talks with multiple record labels in the U.S. to negotiate a simultaneous release.

Akanishi is also planning a solo album and a Japan tour, though details have not yet been determined.

During the event, Akanishi did not touch on the subject of his departure from KAT-TUN. At the press conference after the event, he explained that he already made his announcement on his blog, so he felt there was no need to talk about it. However, he acknowledged that his withdrawal from the group was very sudden, so he apologized to the other members for the trouble it caused. At the same time, he said he would like to see both KAT-TUN and himself rise up to a higher level as artists together.

Akanishi stated that he hopes to have Japan as his base


Can't wait for this :D:D:D:D well i can't wait for him to actually release some new stuff for us fangirls XD lol yup i miss him and KAT TUN (ever since i read NEWSHFAN's post when she called them "Kitten" (K'TTUN) it's stuck == why KTTUN WHY!
lol kitten so cute imagine them all in cat costumes XD

okay so i wanted to link some vids here but i can't find the embeded code for it so i will just link not happy it didn't work (it would help if i could read chinese XD)

these are two clips of recent Jin happenings :P his hair and his english rofl!
"my skin is yellow and my life is gold"
thus he named his new tour YELLOW GOLD
O.O yeah okay huh? lol oh well al least he's trying

his hair is back to being short and black~ and the lady behind him looks like she's gonna fall asleep ==

what else do i have to post about... idk i just had a brain fail watching some DES&NATE vids man those guys have gone scewy (though they were already)

so until i remember what else i wanted to blog about