Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life of a student gyaru~ ☆ONE☆

OHAIIIII~!! ♪ヾ(●ω●)ノ”

Hey guyysss Azu desu~~ (dude I just realised Azu-nyan (as ryuu calls me) is the same as Azusa's nickname from K-ON~! <--I haven't watched the anime fully btw..) IDK if thats good or bad?? (。・ェ・。)?

Anywaysss...Spring is here!!! Its been gloriously sunny for the past week or so~yattttta~! Yes I know I said I'll blog on Sunday~ but I didnt have time T~T I did manage to camwhore tho wahahahhaa -_-; soo LAZYYYYYYY I BLAME it on HOLIDAY season!! HMPH!

I followed the trend of STRIPES~! I also made a few crop tops out of GUYS tees~! Theya re soo useful~! and also have funny slogans/pics on them!! If you are wondering~~ I couldnt use normal girls tees because 1~ the tees over here have the pics/slogans all accross the front and cost a whole damn lot!! So it'd be a waste to cut it ne?? Also guys shirts mostly have the print on the top half of the shirt~ so I can chop the bottom half without hesistating~! ^^ I will edit when I can load the picss -_-;

Anyways heres my outfit and camwhore pics from Sunday~! *I wont post too many camwhores or you guys will get tired of my face~!! Teheheheee

White cardi, striped one piece that has a skirt attached to it (which is UNDER my high waisted skirt), belt (all bought in NZ)

Yeah.. my bro said I look like my skirt and leggings were dissappearing~ -_-;

FOTD(?) My crappy asss camera's quality is too Shxty for clear FOTDs *siigh* need a new one soon~! ^___^
I was wearing new falsies~ so were a bit stiff and were coming out at the end of the day -A-
Yeaah~~ gotta get the Taste of Japan pics of Ryuu-chan somehow... maybe on Fri? idek~
Thats all for now~
xox Azumi☆

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  1. Such a cute blog! I will follow you! xoxo Momo