Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ahh~ i totally forgot JOHNNY'S NEW APP FOR SMART PHONES

Ryuu here~ Azunyan was back (okaeri~!) i see to give us a little music post... erm entry. for me it's just a little post about JOHNNY'S NEW APP FOR SMART PHONES~

I'm sure that it isn't a surprise for a lot of people as i have already seen many people claim to have downloaded it though it is still just a newbie app.

if you want more details see:

tada~ yes it IS the official Johnny's app and it contains free content as well as Johnny's Fan Club only content. It is available worldwide for anyone who has a smart phone/ android versions 2.1 and up. Sadly i do not own one due to my poor student income aka $0! yeah... so all i have to go on are the reports from other fans

at the moment it is still in its early stages so i am not sure how well it works... these are a few screen caps that show you can access artists information and blogs aka those that are part of the JFC. from what i hear it is mostly about information... the same as if you go to
but as i said it's still fairly new so we shall have to wait and see.

As far as i know everything on there is pretty much in Japanese so if you can't read it then you'll have to do the guess and click like usual. If there is a language change on it...hmmmn... i don't think it's been made yet. Johnny's net ( have to be the first to have that and well honestly if it is a language change function it would pretty much look like what you'd get if you google translate Johnny's net too... it just doesn't work

on another note I have been sort of navigating my way through Johnny's net and well i haven't been on in almost two weeks and surprise surprise they changed the Tacky Channel layout so now you can click on MORE things like the cute little animations that will do another movement for you or the spheres that are orbiting the giant well one the screen , television :D

so that's pretty much all i have today on Johnny's net...

hmmn... oh KISMAI have debuted! well yesterday they did so let's all celebrate by going out to buy their singles... i will not post their single or their pv because well... i'm lazy to and i think their first one has been shared already on most of the fansites out there... BEFORE their debut... and well i'm okay with that but couldn't people wait till after their official debut.

HSJ as 9 are still doing SUMMARY and the footage shows that they have leveled up and kept the doggies. plus added a cute little shadow boxing kid... though no Ryutaro. The rumors going around say he will be making a "fresh" beginning and in the world of Johnny's the definition of that is still unknown until they come out with an official press release... until then i hope Ryutaro will stay in HSJ even if he's been forever condemned to staying at the back of the whole group.. at least he'd be there and i think Keito is missing his other half too. Yabu and the gang officially apologized in SUMMARY and well other than that i have no other news on SUMMARY. HSJ's new single is also to be released this September for YamaChii's voice dub of The Smurf movie

Kame has a new drama coming out in October where he plays a Yokai. Further info when i get it :)

Jin is also back in Japan now that the filming of 47 Ronin has been completed. the release dates are around the 21st of November... 2012... so yes over a year to go before they release the movie and there's a whole bunch of bad rumors going round about how Jin's going to be cut but if that were to happen i hope they are ready for some intense fangirling from the Jindom... we've all seen it before... it's not very pretty.

well this was a lengthy post so i hope it makes sense. and since i'm lazy to do more that's pretty much it... yeah

see you guys later ^^

Thursday, August 4, 2011

im sorry

for being SLACK >:3

this is in no way called an entry more like a random splat of youtube videos....

I miss Remixnyaa....


sore dake...

Back to being Azumi for awhile...