Saturday, January 29, 2011

テゴマス 青いベンチ (PV) (Short Ver.)

TEGOMASU~ for Azunyan ^^ (though it's not the full vr since those usually get deleted faster

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ONE OK ROCK new single, answer is near


hehehe yeah i don't really have anything more to say than that.

Go watch :P:P:P:P:P

oh and plus this

i love how he place a ref to his grandad in there though it's sooo just random :P

can't be bothered searching up more but this is his new dvd/cd i think yeah go check it out
bu on or cdjapan ^^

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Request: 君を思うとき (Jin's first solo live)

Ryuu here~

i have two formats of 君を思うときJin BC020908 which are in 360p and 480p (the smaller is mp4 and the larger is flv) Both have pretty good sound quality it's just the video itself is small.

NO HOTLINKING~ the rules here are the same as those on Livejournal communities DO NOT RE-SHARE ON YOUTUBE OR OTHER STREAMING SITES
because the original uploader is unknown then it would be a problem if they find it and close their site because they don't want people sharing it on streaming sites

thank you please follow the rules ^^

flv (640x480) 25.8 MB

mp4 (480x360) 17 MB

there is a watermark at the top right of the screen for the original uploader but i can't make it out
(took this of youtube years ago)
so if you know who it is drop me a comment and i'll put there name here but either way full cr for the vid to the owner(s) of the crest on the video

since this vid doesn't have an owner right now if resharing the links please credit remixnyaa so the owner if they have complaints can find it here and i will deal with it.

(please also drop a comment if you dl it would be nice to hear form you ^^
or if the links not working)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

next part to the girly parade (pic heavy)

I miss my sewing machine :P
Azunyan if you asked me to make one of these wedding dresses as a cosplay outfit i'd probably suffocate under the amount of fabric that goes in it before i die from actually making it!

so yea was surfing tokyohive when i saw these pics and was like O____O i wouldn't have the patients to do all the details for all of these dresses ( i made one once with around 7 layers and i gave up making it pretty and just sewed it all up to see how it would look then gave it to someone else (cough the little one who wore it once then threw it out cos we didn't know how we'd wash the dam thing)

:P yeah so idk why but i feel like colors and girly stuff at the moment (oh! i also bought this cool as jacket the other day for cheap~ owner discounted it from $80 to $20 so happy :DDDDD)

but i will post a pic of that later when i get round to wearing it (probably in spring since it's too light for -37˚C TT^TT)

the model is nozomi sasaki once again i don't know who it is since i don't really follow fashion like Azunyan but thought these looked cool

idk if you all can see this one but there are little lace butterflies sewn into pretty much every layer of this pure white wedding dress

one of my favs just cos it's got a really cool color to it, not really the classic wedding gown look like the first but it's still pretty cool, i think it suits more like a ball/ prom thing though than a wedding

THIS dress(dresses) made me wanna cry for the person who made it LOOK AT ALL THAT FREAKING DETAIL
at first since it was just a thumbnail i saw i was like.... yellow... then when i clicked on it i was like O___O fudge!....
if there was only one person making this dress i would like to go up and congratulate them for making this just freaking zomg
pinks not my thing but i think it still looks cool

and this is definitely my favorite of the dresses that were shown .... why well cos you could cosplay in it!!!! i don't know how long it would take me to get pissed of at the skirt but i'd so still wear one if someone offered it to me

:P i think i am going crazy since i've had nothing to do lately... look out for my next post... it will be about toast (and other things :P)

Ryuu out~

oh and this is the page if you wanna see the whole article:

I WANT ONE (though not in these colors but still~!!!) (pic heavy)

Ryuu desu~
seems like today i'm being overly girly.... might be cos all i've been seeing these past 3 weeks is grey, black and depressing :P so:

here's another part to the post i wanna post but it's so long i'm doing it in parts (and cos i'm lazy uploading all the pics at once)

Fujitsu has decided to make a series of 109 brand-based cellphones with original style. The cellphones will be marketed by DOCOMO.

Brands featured: Cecil McBee, Pinky Girls and Cocolulu

OMG look at them and their capabilities O_____O

Decomail, Cellphone Purikura and Emoticon collections

Fujitsu cellphone with blogging gal features!

The F-04C is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel interior camera located on the front of the handset allowing users to take clear self-portraits, as well as a feature that allows users to decorate photographs using the attached stylus. Finished pictures can easily be designated as the mobile phone’s wallpaper, forwarded via e-mail, or uploaded to a personal blog.

The 5.1 megapixel exterior camera is equipped with convenient photography support features that come close to those found in digital cameras, such as “Search Me Focus” (face recognition), “Smile Finder” and automatic scene recognition.

The mobile phone’s slide-screen configuration,which has gained immense popularity among teenage girls, is further enhanced by the Kuru-kuru (swivel) Key that makes selecting pictographs and scrolling through pages effortless. A compact mirror has also been incorporated into the exterior of the slide screen.

- again from Asashi news

Fujitsu has definitely paid attention to its personal bloggers. Like many gals, Morimayu (tutuHa’s charisma shop staff) loves to stylus to decorate her pictures on her blog. Also the digital camera add-ons will probably woo many ladies. If the screen slides around with the mirror, for some ladies it’s the same as using your mirror to take a few choice shots.

cr: aramatheydidnt and

omg i need one here cos there aren't any sticker photo places here :(

model Kumiki... (idk will have to ask Azunyan who that is really) is the face for this new model

so yup that's my technology wish at the moment

☆Funny, Happy, Kawaii Jrock Moments 2☆

2nd part cos it has more LM.C moments :P

☆Funny, Happy, Kawaii Jrock Moments☆

They're all so CUTE~!

FTIsland Love Love Love FullVer Music video

lol XD Honki's hair XD do they really have to do that to his hair :(

The Game [Boy's Film Show] ~ Game 4 // part 1

I'm not gonna post all of the parts to this one but i was watching it since well.... an hour ago cos of Kamiki Ryunosuke :P yup only reason why

Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara & Black Pearl - MKMF Dance Battle

Ryuu Desu~~ seems like i'm to lazy to make a proper post today (and the last day) so all your gonna get are the vids i'm lolling at, at the moment ....

for this one watch it from 2:42 if your lazy to watch it all XD i love how Kimbum is sitting there like >/////> hands folded not moving AT ALL XD

gomen ne minna this will be how i will post today... well for now cos i actually do have something i wanna post just to lazy to post it

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ayaka - Welcome home (Okaeri) Sub'd

Ryuu desu~ i have no idea why but i've really gotten to like this song so just wanted to share it (though it is pretty old)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's cold ==" (pic heavy)

AZUNYAN~ woot your aliiiiiiive~

hahahaha yeah i've really had nothing to do for the pastfive weeks and it shows with the amount of posts i've made (and tbh i think it's just become more of an update thing than anything else XD)

so in this post i wanna update by PICSS!

i think i posted a couple days ago a pic of sunset of the CN Tower, well that was only part one of my little tourist time i did when i first arrived. sigh i found the camera i wantit's an Olympus Pen. TT^TT it cos around $500 and the model up fromthat which isreally good is around $1000
(that's without tax cos they don't include the whole retail pricehere so you got to work it out yourself :(

anyway to the pics

all watermarked and edited so i know where they are if you take thembut they are all really generic though so i wouldn't know why you'd take them

the view once again from the CN tower

Snow that went to about my calves it's so so POWDERY and annoying when itt turns to slush

i have never seen a squirrel in real life before and they are really hard to catch on camera...

Casa Loma (castle? does it need it it sounds like Loma house castle if i add itthough...)
but yeah big, cool and with some creepy as rooms


this room which is in the attic and is the first room you enter to get to the tower ... there's something concerning when there's just this random chair sitting... alone.... in the middle... of an empty brick room....

the the spiral stair case which you take to get to the many levels in the tower... worse part it's probably around half a meter wide and so narrow and steep you feel claustrophobic and sick at the same time (going up or down) but yeah more pic spam soon maybe with the food i've been eating but not yet ^^ ja ne

oh plus this~

buahahahahaha lol'd when i saw this

lol still love all of them ... but somehow he does resemble Akanishi and Kame... :P Bakaki
cr google

Ryuu out^^... oh and ps Azu, you should make the next theme rabbits for chinese new year... or something :P

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey guys~

Ryuuu chan~!!!! omg you've posted soo much~~ it seems this blog has become a music/ personal blog~~ so lets keep it as that ne~!!! x3 its good for updates too! xD

OMG~~~ for reaaal??? the SuG vids cant be watched anymore T^T ...

I also needa change the layout but i needa be home for that ==" still in melbourne soo chotto matte ne~~

OK some music uupdates~~!

Alice nine's new album Gemini is coming out in Feb and it seems that Hiroto is going to keep his blonde hair lol~~ Shous hair colour is awesoem though! or maybe its the lighting but it has a purpleish/redish tinge to it? O_o

but kyaa~~ heres the pv

On the Jpop note~~ Tegomass is coming out with a new single called "Aoi Bench" (Translation: Blue Bench) on the 16th of Feb! Finally some tegoshi massuda goodness~I hope tego looses the fro though >

btw ryuu I saw your prev few posts~~~ wth!!! tego and IU O_o

cr: Tokyohive

oh yeah on Jpop news too, Ken Hirai is having a 15th anniversary special and his show will be broadcasted live sometime in Feb (again...why is there soo much going on in feb?O_o) on TBS

Soo yeah~!! I will have more time when I get back (or maybe not) cos i have to sort out my papers for Uni >A<; but soooo excited!! Dad's getting me a lappie~~!! whee hope its a good one xD

ttyl for now


Monday, January 17, 2011

SuG Crazy Bunny Coaster weeeee~ vid heavy

Ryuu desu~
here it is ^^

omg when i saw this on my homepage i was lik (\[O0O]/)
yes finally something that will get me A LITTLE out of this bad mood i got from moving into a freaking pit TT^TT

yeah the whole snow thing is fun but seriously.... public transport will make the nicest of people turn into monsters ==

so yeah apart from that what other news..... yeah nothing at the moment still waiting on everything else that i watch so nothing yet....
and cos i wanna watch SuG i might as well share it too

^^ SuG~!

and i also have started liking this band

yes i know they're an ald band but well.... lately surfing has just gotten easier so i'm catching up on music but :P they're pretty cute don't y'all think?

waaah Azunyan no one here likes rock... well jrock... i haven't seen a single rocker.... all hip hop/ generic radio sound people.... then again i haven't met any so i'm hoping there are people i can get new sounds from :P

and i'm loving these guys too

i love all their hair in this pv :D wish i could dye my hair
more info of them here

last one i promise.... for this post XD lol yeah mostly oshare kei stuff cos life is depressing as it is, ^^"

so that's me out~

Friday, January 14, 2011

I think Azunyan would lol too

MTVK's Top 10 J-Pop/K-Pop Celebrity Look-A-Likes


I lol at #3 and woooh Junno is first... in something for once... :D
love him anyway



Ryuu here i was surfing and i found this for us :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

so everyone wait for it plus it will be sold at his concerts i think with some special message inside (only those sold at the venues) in the limited edition TT^TT I WANT IT SOOOO BAD~~~~

so here's the article from tokyohive:

It has just been announced that singer Akanishi Jin will be releasing a new single called “Eternal” on March 2nd. This will be his first release since he switched his label from J-One Records to Warner Music Japan.

In addition to the title song, the single will also include a song called “Murasaki“. Fans of Akanishi should already know this song, since he has been performing it in concerts since 2004, and now he has finally managed to get it out on CD.

There will be four different versions of the single – First Press Limited A, First Press Limited B, Normal, and Limited Live. The Limited A edition will include a DVD that features the music video for “Eternal”, a making-of, and the shooting for the cover jackets. The Limited B edition will come with a colored booklet. Furthermore, they are all going to have different cover jackets.

The Limited Live edition will only be available for those who pre-order the CD at one of the concerts of his ongoing live tour. Those will include a special postcard with a handwritten message from Akanishi. There are four different kinds of postcards for the different venues he will be performing at.

Source: natalie

Jticket International - Jin Akanishi "Yellow Gold Tour 3011"

Ryuu here guess what email i just got~!

1. Jticket International - Jin Akanishi "Yellow Gold Tour 3011" OPEN!
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Thank you for waiting. Jticket International OPEN Jin Akanishi "Yellow Gold Tour 3011"
for overseas fans to request ticket! You won't miss the chance! Come and join the party!

For details, please visit Jticket International official HP

>>This is a trial version that the next ticket request method will be considered depends
on the application and attendance situation. If someone who resale or transfer the ticket
to another party, or absent from the event, Jticket International will be stopped and closed.
Before request ticket, make sure you are ABSOLUTELY able to attend the event.
>>Jticket International is currently providing ticket for the above show ONLY. Tickets
for other Johnnys artists or Johnnys event are not yet determined.
Yup, that was the email (plus this notice)

【Please note…】
All seatings are allocated by us.
When an application is done, we will check for your ticket availability. Please confirm the result through email. We DO NOT guarantee that your ticket is definitely available.
After submited your ticket request, there are no cancellations or exchanges due to any personal reasons.
Resale or transfer your ticket to another party in any form is NOT allowed.
If your ticket is “Available”, you MUST attend the show on the show date.

So for all fans who want it... it's best to first register in the Jinternational mailing list so you can get updates on the whole thing AND READ THE RULES AND EXTRA INFO THAT HAS BEEN PLACE IN TH JTICKET PAGE
actually because i feel like i should this is the info, DO NOT SPREAD THIS UNNECESSARILY we DO NOT WANT Johnny to get angry so REGISTER ^^

Ticket information
Ticket price(seating or standing): 6,800yen (tax included) per ticket
No. of Ticket: MAX 2 tickets
Handling charge: 700yen / one application
*Payment will be processed by Cash On Delivery only, on the show date.
【Ticket request deadline】
  It ends without a previous notice.
【Ticket availability】
  Will be shown in the Confirmation Email within 10 days

【Please note…】
・All seatings are allocated by us.
・When an application is done, we will check for your ticket availability. Please confirm the result through email. We DO NOT guarantee that your ticket is definitely available.
・Ticket is not necessary for children under 3 years old. However, one ticket is needed when there are two children under 3 years old.
・After submitted your ticket request, there are no cancellations or exchanges due to any personal reasons.
・Resale or transfer your ticket to another party in any form is NOT allowed.
・If your ticket is “Available”, you MUST attend the show on the show date.
・Collect your ticket on the show date. The following items are necessary in order to collect your ticket.
  1. your passport
  2. A copy of the Confirmation Email
  3. Purchase money for the ticket (Japanese YEN)

【Venue】Nippon Budokan
Location:2-3 Kitanomarukoen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Location:6-12-2 Minatojimanakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
any way you need to because you need to get the confirmation email in 10 days 

tour dates are
Event Schedule
※Agree to [Important points regarding application] before ticket request.

Show date
Show time
Show Code
Fri, Feb 11,2011
Nippon Budokan

Sat, Feb 12,2011
Nippon Budokan

Sun, Feb 13,2011
Nippon Budokan

Tue, Feb 15,2011

Wed, Feb 16,2011

Thu, Feb 17,2011
Ryuu OUT~
(yes they are all in Japan at the moment not sure about his single or album or later tour dates will update soon)

Source & credits: Johnny's International email