Sunday, December 11, 2011

WOAH~ been a while!!

Ryuu here,
Amazed at how reluctant I am at blogging since... well I should do it sometime or this blog wold just be EMPTY~

IDK honestly i kinda just log on to blogger if I have some important project I should be doing but haven't even gotten started on.

So what's my little but of procrastination for the day?

Tanner Patrick

That's right. The guy who looks like he should have been cast as Edward Cullen.

He's pretty I do think :D

Have I ever said I have this weird loving for green eyed boys?

Well I do and this guy fits the cut :P

Sigh well that's my randomness for now.

We should all know by now that ABC.Z is debuting in 2012 on a DVD. It's a first for Johnny's to debut on a dvd I think but ABC.Z are the Acrobatics Boys Club (Z?) random Z there but yeah they are pretty good at it too. There strong points are their live performances esp with all the musicals that they've done since they were formed. My two favs from the group are Goseki and Kawai :D they're just so funny.

:O and if you haven't seen the 9/12 episode of Shokura you better go find it for a great performance of Moonlight by non other than the next JE golden boy Yamada Ryousuke (yes i spell it with the u) and yep I won't spoil it for you.

er, what else... let's see. NYC are releasing a new single called Wonderful Cupid (it's like something you'd hear from Anne of Green Gables), JUMP has winter tour dates all set up.... Yamada and Yuuto are both in a drama with Fujigaya (KISMAI) about a boy (Yama) with a mother complex. Chinen is staring as Yamapi's younger brother in a drama about taking over a family's funeral business. Jin's new single SEASONS has an adorable lil girl playing his daughter while Jin finally stops wearing a hat and glasses for a couple minutes....

er... Daiki has a 7 hour special New Years drama coming up too... So does Yamada. They both look great in traditional clothing just saying :P

I think that's all I can think of at the top of my head..

KPOP... well I haven't had the time to troll those sites yet but I'm pretty sure there are more people who are doing a better job at posting than I am

Yep that's it...

Now that it's past 10 I think I will start both my Food and Nutrition assignment and my Physics lab -x-'''

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Should be Studying

So... Ryuu here, just trolling the internet because I can (._.)..

As the title says I should be studying for a big physics and calculus thing I have coming up but I really cannot concentrate...

And one thing leads to another but no baby's being made here O_O unless someone isn't telling me something cough akame cough .... bad joke anywhoo

Spent my whole afternoon just catching up on dramas (Watashi ga Renai Dakeni Riyuu, 11 Nin mo Iru, Yokai Ningen Bemu, Paradise Kiss) yup been doing nothing. Form there I went to surf youtube.

So here's my post and by the end of it I' sure the six people who read it won't be happy and those who do read it in the future will think i'm just a munter.

Here we go everyone watch:

I know girls like to be pretty and everything but... this was just scary... Sometimes I wonder how much make up is too much for girls who put this amount on everyday. It takes skill sure to put on makeup like any other artist but there can be overkill too. On the other hand when I hear guys talking about how they need to get their eyebrows reshaped... THAT is just weird. I don't mean homosexual/ transvestites/ cross dressers because I know guys like that and well they don't count as guys anymore for me they're one of the girls. I'm talking about the macho jock kind of guys are the 'gangster' hipster wannabe's. If your a regular guy and are not in any way part of the entertainment industry do not go and reshape your eyebrows, you end up looking SURPRISED about everything, I've seen it so i'm serious. I couldn't even stand Kame's thin thin eyebrows before just because they were so horrible (and Koki's non existent ones were just painful to even glance at). And guys who carry their girlfriends purses around... I don't know how you do it but to see a big guy holding this dainty pink sparkly clutch is just wrong. Giant doremon pouches sure hold them they prolly got the kitchen sink stuffed down there too but not the clutches if she's capable to, let her do it, and this is coming from a girl who would rather the guy carries everything.

Plus I hate when people tell me they're wearing "natural" make up. It's not natural don't say it, just say your wearing makeup, i don't mind I'm not a guy.

Oh dear this turned into a rant post

Sigh sigh, this post has taken me... 12 minutes and 38 seconds by my watch and that's probably the shortest amount of time for me to make a post of this length and I'm starting to feel guilty about my study notes looking up at me T_T

So to end this: I'm pretty sure if you are here for the Gyaru posts that Azunyan was doing you'll all be up in my case saying it's normal. And it is for people who wear this much make up... but I never want to see it half done like this again -_- to the big O_o eye thing was creepy.


And this last picture is for Azunyan :D don't kill me~


Monday, October 10, 2011

Jin's US single

Ryuu here~

If you all are following the YOU&JIN facebook page (link under my profile on the right) You would have already have heard about the release of his single as a digital copy that you can buy from either itunes and amazon (i think)

Support Jin's single by buying it~!

On another note his Japanese version will also have Test Drive but will include 3 songs from his Yellow Gold Tour set list (all I can remember is Tipsy Love)

The release date is November 7/8th depending on your time zone i believe.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

THis blog needs more love, Autumn fashion. PIC HEAVY!

WARNING: PICTURE HEAVYRyuu back to make another very late post ._. real life is pretty much getting in the way of most things I do on the internet aka surf~ so at the moment I have very little I can talk about... hmm well I have been surfing but not on anything really... gyaru like? idk the whole fashion field is up to Azunyan. So why am I making a post on it...? Well because I have nothing else to blog about... I mean, who actually read the other posts?

So here's what I've found
Everybody remember the fanny-pack? I know you do! They haven't disappeared from the face of fashion. If you lived in NZ like I did you'd hardly see them but when I moved to North America it was a whole new story. Almost all the girls had one it would seem. Because here you cannot live without a bag. Me I prefer putting my phone and wallet in my jeans or jacket so I don't lose them (like the scatter brain I usually am)
It would seem that the old method of clipping the whole bag around ones waist is not too fashionable nowadays with kids

They are supposed to clip into a kids pants or skirt (since these are aimed at young girls) so they don't have to carry a shoulder bag/ handbag if they go out to play.

So this is part of the kids line in Felissimo.

I honestly think kids clothes are so much cooler than adult clothes... it feels more free

So I surfed the collections they had and one of them that I likes was the Choi and Syrup collection

Both you don't really need to buy their products to get the look (I can find some of these oversized shirts and skirts in the small stores that line subway stations and back alley markets)

All that is needed to remember is most of the colors are dull and then a random just brick of color in one of the coordinates if wanted. Sometimes this style is done and it comes out looking kinda bleh~ but the simpler the look the better. And even if it is oversized the key is to not go TOO over sized. No one looks good looking like a hanger.

Another feature I like on the Felissimo site is the Haco corner

For people who are still so so with fashion and cant be bothered with magazines the best way is to look at the online catalogs. Haco has a co-ordinate wheel that girls can look and see what items could go together. Not to say you have to have the identical but if you have things similar pairing them would go... right? But all these items most people would already have in their wardrobe

Anyway moving on to the bedroom I like to look at

Romapri's site for some of their furniture for a lolita-esc feel
They have the "Princess Style" (there's even a small quiz to see what would be best for you) and along the side bar there are links to products that maybe a single person would need more or a person who likes OOO more etc

This site is well.. pretty average and hard to navigate but it's got some good ideas plus it's a part of the Scroll shop site so online shopping for those who want it.

(examples of rooms)

They are really... crowded.

For me I like things simple and with as little clutter as I can so I don't have to clean as much *shot*

These would be what my room would look like probably after a couple of months but with a little less ornaments and stuff on the walls
What my room sort of resembles right now since i'm studying
and again nothing on the walls and less shelves

Call me old fashioned but my room... that i personally want


With a bed that has storage

I don't know if it's an asian thing or if it's just a my family thing but storage and putting stuff away so no one walks into them is kinda what is wanted the most.... I'm not sure why though the only space that is an exception to the rule is the study area ... it's always got more books and papers to be put away everyday.

And if my room was big enough:

Those are also my colors of choice when it comes to rooms. Bright white or light light cream/ blue walls and light colored furniture

Oh and these ones can be found on the Seikatsuzacca website :)

All expensive yes but hey, nothing is really cheap these days anyway.

So all for now, sorry for the huge pictures I think blogger hates me these days

till I come back (which should be soon... I hope)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Hey! Say! JUMP

lol Ryuu here~!!


round of applause!~

yes i know it's "anniversary" but i like Birthdays too

So JUMP don't get trampled by your Jrs like NEWS did (._.)*hides from Azunyan* and keep on going even through the scandals cough ARASHI and even if Ryutaro isn't there as a player at least he's still a bench warmer right?

:D so yeah *of to fangirl*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Johnny in the Guinness World Records :D

Prolific Japanese music legend Johnny Kitagawa has been presented with two Guinness World Records establishing him as one of the most successful music producers ever.

Hey! Say! JUMP music band produced by Johnny Kitagawa with Guinness World Records representative Frank Foley

His new records are for Most No.1 Singles Produced by an Individual (232), and Most Concerts Produced by an Individual (8,419).

Kitagawa has achieved the No. 1 position more often than any music producer with a record 232 chart-toppers for over 40 of Japan’s bestselling groups (based on data for the period 1974 to 2010).

He also holds the record for the most number of concerts produced by an individual having produced an amazing 8,419 between 2000 and 2010. Concerts by Japanese mega-bands SMAP, KinKi Kids, ARASHI, KAT-TUN and Hey! Say! JUMP attracted an estimated 48,234,550 fans.

His achievements, over a career commencing in 1962, have earned him the reputation as the most prolific “idol band” producer in the world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

i didn't forget i promise ...

eh~ it's been almost a month since i last posted here.... i promise i didn't forget this blog... i've just been so lazy for the past month since i've been on holiday all i've done is sleep.

With that being said in two days time the new semester will begin and it's back to the old grind of schoolwork and no sleep... how promising.

So to make myself feel better i went out to buy new boots for the winter since i walk to school and well... my lsat pair which are cowboy boots are pretty much all torn up so that's not gonna help this fall when it starts to rain (and it already has) or during winter.

So first up i bought some wedge bootie things not really for winter but good if i just wander around... well not outside

my actual winter boots i purchased at a little shop called "Dolls Collection" or something along that line i can't remember since it was my first time in there. Have to say it's one of my now favs purely because they import a lot more Japanese brands than the other stores i go into. And it's right across from this store that sells stuff from popteen etc all those fashion mags PLUS it's down from a place that sells yukata's (though i have no money to buy it) and i think Vivi is close by so i don't really have to wander far to get what i want

and just randomly in there my new headphone... not the best quality but they looked cute and were $7 so i bought them just cos i could prolly use them as a plain accessory when they break :D

Went to Wanda's Waffles too and got a Maple waffle with Cookie's and Cream ice cream (had to get them separate since i wasn't going to sit in the crowded food court to eat it). Over all it was real nice. Freshly made so nice and hot and crispy... but... really sweet... and by the time you get through half your full. But i ate the whole thing since i hate wasting food.
Plus i bought a coffee milk tea to wash it all down

So that's my spendages for now... i really want some new winter clothes and well... yeah no i don't think i'll be buying much since i still don't have a job and my subjects this semester are killing me

cough calculus cough physics *flail* noooo

[inserts pictures of what i want since it's getting cold now to make myself feel better]

yep oversized stuff~ since i already bought some skinny jeans and i have a thick winter jacket so now i need some lazy day clothes


so that's all for now of my life


HSJ's Magic power is definitely a song that is weird but still buying the LE B i think gets you a 30 min DVD of concert footage and anyway the B-side tracks are awesome!!!

so yeah. umm KISMAI has a massive tour coming up where they go to i think47? prefectures i can't remember of the top of my head.

Jin is tentatively saying his debut in the USA is in October but we shall see since there are a lot of factors that go into that.

KAT - TUN also this October will be airing a new variety show sine Cartoon KAT- TUN
they show is said to be one where each member is going to be in charge of certain areas that they like and do activities or show reports/ interview guests about it.

And Shinee are releasing the Japanese version of "Lucifer" as there third Japanese single....

yes... that is all i can think of the top of my head so i guess i shall come back hopefully not in another months time :(

bye bye