Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Should be Studying

So... Ryuu here, just trolling the internet because I can (._.)..

As the title says I should be studying for a big physics and calculus thing I have coming up but I really cannot concentrate...

And one thing leads to another but no baby's being made here O_O unless someone isn't telling me something cough akame cough .... bad joke anywhoo

Spent my whole afternoon just catching up on dramas (Watashi ga Renai Dakeni Riyuu, 11 Nin mo Iru, Yokai Ningen Bemu, Paradise Kiss) yup been doing nothing. Form there I went to surf youtube.

So here's my post and by the end of it I' sure the six people who read it won't be happy and those who do read it in the future will think i'm just a munter.

Here we go everyone watch:

I know girls like to be pretty and everything but... this was just scary... Sometimes I wonder how much make up is too much for girls who put this amount on everyday. It takes skill sure to put on makeup like any other artist but there can be overkill too. On the other hand when I hear guys talking about how they need to get their eyebrows reshaped... THAT is just weird. I don't mean homosexual/ transvestites/ cross dressers because I know guys like that and well they don't count as guys anymore for me they're one of the girls. I'm talking about the macho jock kind of guys are the 'gangster' hipster wannabe's. If your a regular guy and are not in any way part of the entertainment industry do not go and reshape your eyebrows, you end up looking SURPRISED about everything, I've seen it so i'm serious. I couldn't even stand Kame's thin thin eyebrows before just because they were so horrible (and Koki's non existent ones were just painful to even glance at). And guys who carry their girlfriends purses around... I don't know how you do it but to see a big guy holding this dainty pink sparkly clutch is just wrong. Giant doremon pouches sure hold them they prolly got the kitchen sink stuffed down there too but not the clutches if she's capable to, let her do it, and this is coming from a girl who would rather the guy carries everything.

Plus I hate when people tell me they're wearing "natural" make up. It's not natural don't say it, just say your wearing makeup, i don't mind I'm not a guy.

Oh dear this turned into a rant post

Sigh sigh, this post has taken me... 12 minutes and 38 seconds by my watch and that's probably the shortest amount of time for me to make a post of this length and I'm starting to feel guilty about my study notes looking up at me T_T

So to end this: I'm pretty sure if you are here for the Gyaru posts that Azunyan was doing you'll all be up in my case saying it's normal. And it is for people who wear this much make up... but I never want to see it half done like this again -_- to the big O_o eye thing was creepy.


And this last picture is for Azunyan :D don't kill me~


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