Friday, April 30, 2010


Ryuu here ^^

everybody out there raise their hands if you were sucked into the great world of asian music!!!!!!! and even better it started with a Johnny (^_º)

"I DID!!!!"*frantically wave hands in the air*(^^)<-----ryuu mwahahaha i have to say i first realy got into japanese music when i watched Gokusen2 for the first time :-D and who are the great stars <3 size="4">AKAME<3 woooooooh (^0^) but yes i have to say that i loved LM.C before that but this was the real kicker that got my blood pumping (^_º)

so the infection took hold and since then i have been v. into jpop which has now infected my mom (i let her watch Hana Yori Dango and she found Matsumoto Jun amusing Ù_Ú)

So the other day i made a mix cd (remember when that used to be mix tape?) for my mom to play at work. and just to get things started i loaded duhn tada dun ****KAT TUN*** on!!!(but i also added the Lion King soundtrack cos my mom likes it to... ==")
and i have just learnt that because of this her work mate has now started to watch jdramas online!
how awesome is that THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN
(i made a second with news, shinnee, yui, and big bang too, but i don't think they've listened to it repeatedly like the KAT TUN cd:P)
so yes, that is my random ramble for the day ^^
anyone got any stories in how they fell in love with jpop or just asian music in general?

(sorry guys i wanted to post more pics but my computer won't let me TT^TT so till next time BYE BYE!!^^)

To survive the place you have to be a Mad Hatter...

Hey guysss~~ ゚・*:.。.☆^(*^・゚)ノ

Azumiii dayo~!

Just an update on a new tutorial coming up~!
I am going to Rei-chan's Alice in Wonderland themed party this Sunday and I am thinking of going as the Mad Hatter girl style~!★~

Soo i will be making a mini top hat~! yatta~!

I will be using this tutorial~!

So please look forward to it~!

Bai Bai~!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

(p´-ω-`)ノ。o.゚ Fashion Gurus?

(人*・ω・)★=== Yo~!

Azumi desuuu~!! ogenki?? nyaa i know ryuu-chan posted earlier~~
Demo~~ i wanted to get in the habit of posting frequently~~ ☆(●・ω・●)ノ~~
Or else this will blog wil dieee~~Nooooo TT^TT sad~~

This post is mainly to share about where i get my fashion tips and tricks from~~

first off a little background~~

My fashion when i was younger (lol i sound old (。・∀・。)/) my fashion was mainly what i felt like wearing~~ but im pretty sure that it was coordinated~~ not like a bright pink suit (≧∀≦)~

But how i describe my fashion style now??
I dress to suit my mood~~
If im feeling "emotive" black, red, white is my style~~ but other wise~ its normal?? O__o lol watever that means~~★(*・ω・*) But my fashion sense has always been ASIAN~~ wat goes under that termm?? i guess long socks with shorts~~ baggy clothes~ weird asian t-shirts that dont make any sense~~!

but i first got into Gyaru fashion style ("Gal" fashion in Japan)
Heres the wikli definition~~

So i read magazines such as "Popteen", "Ranzuki", "Egg" and occasionally "Ageha" online~~ *♪

My favourite model(s) include Kumiko Funayama~ and Kanako Kawabata~ and ofcourse~~ Tsubasa Masuwaka~!!! Theyre all soo cute and girly~~ even when doing 'rock' styles~ T_T somthing i can never achieve~ ><

First picture is Kumiko Funayama (aka. kimicky), egg magazine, ranzuki, and popteen magazine~!(*'ー'*)♪

My favourite style gurus are:

Secretlifeofabionerd~! She is AWESOME~!! from hair tutorialsss to tshirt construction~!


Michelle Phan is the next~


From makeup gurus and fashion to blogss which are -----> HERE!(*゚ー~)^☆
All these amazing ppl that have put their time and effort into things~~ INSPIRE me~!

Sooo thany youu to them~!

So look forward to FOTD (face of the days) and OTD(outfit of the day)to see how i recreate their looks~!

Ja Neee~!!


T.O.P's smoking looks <3 my hubby keekeke

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hmmmn i wonder why i GACKT came second (>_<) :P

sup minna san ^^ Ryuu here

well this might be a day late... okay probably more than a day late but i stumbled on this article from

and it just reminded me of a convo me and Azumi-chan had at lunch today: GACKT has smexy eyes!!! who else thinks so?

but moving on, here is the top ten most beautiful celebrities as voted in the Oricon charts...


No. 1 Masaharu Fukuyama


No. 3 Mizushima Hiro

No. 4 Kimura Takuya

No. 5 Yamapi

No. 6 Taichi Saotome

No. 7 Miura Haruma

No. 8 Tamaki Hiroshi

No. 9 Hyde from L'Arc en Ciel

No.10 Matsumoto Jun

and as we can see GACKT AND HYDE got into the top 10 (^o^)

as for the females:


No. 1 Koyuki

No. 2 Sayuri Yoshinaga

No. 3 Kitagawa Keiko

No. 4 Nakama Yukie

No. 5 Matsushima Nanako

No. 6 Hitomi Kuroki

No. 7 Norika Fujiwara

No. 8 Kuroki Meisa

No. 9 Amami Yuki

No.10 Kyoka Suzuki

Who agrees/disagrees with the rankings?

And there was two~~( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v


Mina-san Konnichichuu~~!!

ヽ(;▽;)ノおひさっ!! Long time no see~!!
Welcome to remix_nyaa~! Ryuu and Azumi desuuu~!!♪


This blog is for people who like all things Asian~~O(><)o *cough* Japanese*cough* tehehe~

Jpop/Jrock/Dorama/Kpop/K-drama../FASHION/Make~~ ANYTHING at all~~!!(we arent biased... but its just our opinions~!)☆

We currently live in New Zealand~ the land of the long white cloud...ohhh keke soo our updats might be delayed -__-" If you hav EVA been here you will probably know that its a huge HOLE TT_TT~! WE will be extremenally lucky if we get Korean/Japanese stuff here~~ Soooo..we might post some easy and quick tutorialsss just cos we are CHEAP bwahahaah~!! Soo yeah we will share our trails and epic fails~~heeheee

But moving on... Growing up we both had different musical background~~Ryuu-chan grew up listening to the usual nursery rhymes, childrens music, U2 and Nirvana. Azumi on the other hand grew up in Asia and had childrens songs in a different language~! We both watched anime at young ages and Jpop sucked us in~~ We have never looked back~!! So we are pretty open to good music~! ヾ(≧∇≦)〃

Remix_Nyaa promises to:

★Keep this blog alive~
★Reply to our reader's comments~
★Be honest with our opinions
★Love Y.O.U and J.A.P.A.N foreva~!!

Peace out yo~!

Azumi and Ryuu~

Thursday, April 8, 2010


( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆

blog is on haitus atm~~