Friday, April 30, 2010


Ryuu here ^^

everybody out there raise their hands if you were sucked into the great world of asian music!!!!!!! and even better it started with a Johnny (^_º)

"I DID!!!!"*frantically wave hands in the air*(^^)<-----ryuu mwahahaha i have to say i first realy got into japanese music when i watched Gokusen2 for the first time :-D and who are the great stars <3 size="4">AKAME<3 woooooooh (^0^) but yes i have to say that i loved LM.C before that but this was the real kicker that got my blood pumping (^_º)

so the infection took hold and since then i have been v. into jpop which has now infected my mom (i let her watch Hana Yori Dango and she found Matsumoto Jun amusing Ù_Ú)

So the other day i made a mix cd (remember when that used to be mix tape?) for my mom to play at work. and just to get things started i loaded duhn tada dun ****KAT TUN*** on!!!(but i also added the Lion King soundtrack cos my mom likes it to... ==")
and i have just learnt that because of this her work mate has now started to watch jdramas online!
how awesome is that THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN
(i made a second with news, shinnee, yui, and big bang too, but i don't think they've listened to it repeatedly like the KAT TUN cd:P)
so yes, that is my random ramble for the day ^^
anyone got any stories in how they fell in love with jpop or just asian music in general?

(sorry guys i wanted to post more pics but my computer won't let me TT^TT so till next time BYE BYE!!^^)

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