Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Akanishi Jin to take over world 【⦿◇⦿】♫♪♩

Ryuu desu ^^

to tie into my last post here's some Akanishi Jin news... that anyone in his massive fanbase (ladies and ladies and more ladies with the exception of a few guys) are all already spazzing about:

♡♯1 Bandage won first place in Italian Far East MyMovies Award, beating Sophie's Revenge (i watched it and it was HILARIOUS!!! (sophie's revenge not bandage since i can't find a streaming site for Bandage ><"))

♥♯2 Akanishi's tour out in the wild west while K'T TUN do a massive asia tour.
some people are hinting that our good old Bakanishi is off to the U.S.A to ......
- further his career by doing this debut
-being sent off (again ??!!) because of being naughty >.o
- pursuing an acting career in Hollywood by staying till October to audition for Pirates of the Carribian (sp?) 4
and one that has all the fan girls/guys pants in a bunch
-Bakanishi is trying to leave Johnny's therefore trying to sever ties from KAT TUN ...

but because my internet is being a pain in the arse i'm afraid you'll all have to read the whole thing straight from the sources (or try to)

❀for the italian movies awards visit :

✿ for the tour ones.... i can't find my sources anymore since the internet won't let me browse pages at the mo', so google...i guess?

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