Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Akanishi Jin's official Twitter for WMG and Akira update

Ryuu here woke up this morning to a HELLA amount of fanspam all over the interblag all due to one man JIN AKANISHI AND HIS NEW TWITTER

lol yes you heard that right. other than Johnny's net and WMG site plus his official site there really isn't anything personally his. but the fact that he got one is all due to his work in the USA.

not really much to post about it since he only opened it up 8 or nine hours ago and what else .. he's gotten 25 410 followers right now... at this moment and it's growing by the hour O_O freaking amazing

Twitter: Jin Akanishi

on another not the whole Akira thing is making a lot of fans mad with the whole cast a white guy into an asian role type thing again (i am too) so this happened. I am actually hoping they cast an ASIAN into the role because it would be so much better. and i wish they'd cast JIN! as the main lead just cos he's JIN i mean he's THERE right?

Disgruntled and Asian hear us ROAR~!

Comprised of thousands of supporters from over 50 countries worldwide, was founded to protest discriminatory casting in the film The Last Airbender. The organization continues to follow film and television productions in order to promote diverse and fair casting opportunities. The organization has presented at academic conferences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania, and will host a table and panel at WonderCon 2011 this weekend.
We hope to hear back from Warner Bros. soon, in order to schedule a meeting in April.
actors currently being considered for the role

oh how it is painful to look at ==

Monday, March 28, 2011

PIC Spam~ food

Ryuu here found these on google the other day when i was searching up the cakes to post for KAT - TUN's 5th Anniversary :P
so i just wantedd to share them cos i find them so awesome looking. I think most came of Mocha_cafe or something but i'm too lazy to recheck maybe later but these were floating on google if you wanna find them.... or is it just me that finds these? nah can't be functions has fully fried my brain

some say that this pic was of Jin and his brother... tbh i've seen so many versions of it i don't really care... just that they really do look photoshoped and well if there were two of him in the world i'm not sure how the fangirls would react :P

so freaking CUTE~

hehe apple

i've never had ... or seen this... i wonder where you can get it...

HELLO KITTY~ one of the things most girls grow up loving collecting.. or wondering why other girls did it... i was part f the last group :P i spent my day's colecting Dragon Ball Z cards and marbles XD

BENTO LOVE~ pfft bento XD azunyan gomen

and the last is dedicated to a very special turtle ^^ if you know me or know what i post most about in this blog you'll know who
-________-'' so tired of haters badmouthing other talents just cos they don't like them... seriously just don't speack about them and you'll never be bothered that they are there. I do it to the artists i don't admire, therefore i reserve energy for the things i want to do (_ _) silly kids

Friday, March 25, 2011

YELLOW GOLD Tour 3010 DVD release UPDATE 3 editions

Ryuu here with some exciting news~

As Johnny' , WMG Japan has released there will be a Yellow Gold 3010 Tour DVD coming out this May 4th

Not only that there are 3! versions of the DVD (and most fans were hoping for one, but you know Johnny-san he does love those Limited A and B sets)


so the prices range from around $61 USD to ~$86 USD depending on the edition you want (Limited B is the most expensive and the one with his face on it :P)

so yes KYAAA~ i can't wait for it :P:P:P happy~~~~~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


LIfe post life post, i must do more life posts :P

.... neh just random ramblings is enough right Azunyan?

So lately I've been craving something sweet so I can stay up for my cough assignments (⌒-⌒; ) that are still unfinished

So colorful ~ ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Ryuu here with rather disastrous rumors TT^TT

Robert Pattinson eyes lead in Akira remake

Twilight star may take main role in Hollywood remake of cult Japanese animation about teenage boy with destructive powers

Robert Pattinson has been approached to star in a remake of the Japanese classic Akira, reports say. Photograph: Nicole Rivelli

Fans of Akira, the cult Japanese animation about a teenage boy with terrible destructive powers, may want to look away now. No sooner has the reported threat of Zac Efron taking the main role in the forthcoming Hollywood live action remake been allayed, than a fresh emo threat raises its hunky head: Robert Pattinson.

Deadline reports that the Twilight star is being approached by studio execs to take the main role of Tetsuo, who in the 1988 film begins to exhibit sinister abilities. As well as Pattinson, The Social Network's Andrew Garfield and James McAvoy have also been sent scripts. Efron, who was last year named as a frontrunner for the role, now seems to be out of the picture.

In line to play the other main lead role of Kaneda, a biker and gang leader, are Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Chris Pine, Justin Timberlake and Joaquin Phoenix. The Hollywood remake will take the original six-book graphic novel as its source, playing the action out over two films and relocating it to "New Manhattan" rather than the original's New Tokyo, a city built on an artificial island in Tokyo bay following the destruction of the original Japanese capital in an explosion 30 years previously. Akira is the name of a young boy whose powers led to the disaster, one which Kaneda slowly comes to believe his childhood friend Tetsuo may be about to repeat.

The latest casting rumours have emerged following a rewrite of the project's screenplay by Steve Kloves which Deadline reports has executives at Warner Bros and director Albert Hughes (From Hell) excited.

Akira was originally a 2,182-page manga epic which was adapted by its writer Katsuhiro Otomo into a two-hour film (Otomo also directed). Despite its complex, densely packed storyline, it has gained huge popularity over time since its release and helped to fuel the growth of anime's popularity outside of Japan.


to all Rob fans go away you can't even see that he would ruin the anime O_O?!!!! and seriously the other choices don't make me wanna scream with joy and save up to buy a ticket to see it == no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

Monday, March 21, 2011


cr: is_kazuchan
yo~ Ryuu here ^^ not long a
go i blogged on the formation of KAT TUN well today is the day they debuted~~~~~

yay!!!! *applause* :D yup this day five years ago they made their debut and we know them as the lovely guys they are ^^

and cos we are on the subject of celebrations there must be cake (for me anyway oh and ice cream)


omg they all look soooo good~! i'd marry (actually maybe not) someone who'd make me stuff :D (yeah maybe not, probably just settle for finding a shop that sells these desserts :P)

and this last pic is cos i miss those fish (taiyaki) ice creams :P i think i ate them every weekend when i was back in NZ just cos i couldn't give them up 9though they are a little pricey)

and oh btw the pic above is from which is... for erasers so ... yeah TT^TT

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brains for dinner?

hello there~~~ Ryuu here ^^
today no rant post cos i didn't turn on the tv
(though i am rather annoyed how the fish and chips shop here CAN'T SERVE PROPER CHIPS~!!! really the 'Scotts' they were basing their shop on would be offended on the lack of taste in that place)

but enough cos i feel like bleh~~~~

lol lol it's you know it KEY~

looks like he got a cool jelly mould and has been using it.... i soooooo would want want of those to play with for just a random occasion. Just be like to kids "yeah we're having brains" or i could put one of them into a water bottle :D:D:D:D i wonder how people would react.....

AH~ march break is OVER TT^TT
did i accomplish anything? no i didn't. Why?
because i was too distracted for the past day watching KINPACHI SENSEI season 7!!!! with HIKARU and YABU (though he plays a very very small part)

i won't post spoilers in this post cos i know Azunyan was going to watch it
(for some reason after the quake all i wanted to do is watch JE chibi's like all their old dramas and movies) but yeah. Season 7 is so so so full on. It is one of those dramas that you have to know what happens to (hikaru) Shu TT^TT and they leave you with a cliff hanger ending~

chibi hika when he was... 6? or when he was in the 6th grade i can't read the kanji ==
look at him~!!!!!
Hika playing Shu
a little older i think this was around the high school mark...

the newer pics you can all find yourself since all these came straight from google ^^ just google him :D

(oh btw if anyone watched the last of the YY JUMPING live stage today/ yesterday you know that Yabu was fully disappointed, i'm pretty sure he was waiting for a hug *coughkisscough* scene with hika :P)

i can't wait to see what will happen in the SP since he comes back.... as a farmer OxO and well cos Kame and Yabu are there too and the Engrish boy Keito has his first ever drama debut~
but seriously... why did they shove a 17 year old 9almost 18 this april) into a role of a 14 year old?

i know he doesn't look old but isn't that odd... oh well they do it all the time anyway right....

^^'' babbling

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the post i first wanted to post

Ryuu back ._.
i posted what... an hour two hours ago?

ah~ feels good to rant that all out but truthfully
i came on blogger today to say YAY FOR THE FORMATION OF KAT TUN

on this day (March 16 2001) KAT TUN was formed and yes the KAT TUN with six members not five TT^TT

but enough of that since Jin is doing fine ^^
those lovely boys went fromthis i think it was 2001
(pic from 2003)

to this (the year i first learned of them thanks to Azunyan)

from 2006 i believe..

2010 ^^ (last yeat with Jin)

and now

since all these except came from their internet sources (google) i don't know who to cr)

but, KAT TUN i hope you carry on your activities and enjoy them ^^ Jin please stop drinking it will damage your vocal chords (singers should know this) and i hope you have fun too ^^

....sigh still wish i could see them live and i hope for their safety in Japan

downplay disaster my a***

Geez ... usually i don't like making rant posts just cos it looks bad when i read them again but seriously. Decided to flick on the TV after dinner (amazing in itself since i hate watching tv these days)
so what am i greeted with CNN news, with the whole damn story about Japan downplaying the whole nuclear calamity that is upon us~~~!!!!!

i changed channel soon after i heard "thousands have died and the death poll is rising, is Japan just downplaying the situation.... American troops have been sent out and they are being taught how to deal with situation ... radiation problems are being downplayed blah blah blah"
for f@&#'s sake okay yeah the death poll is rising! how can it not they were hit by EARTHQUAKES AND A TSUNAMI. Japan is not so lucky to escape without any casualties. Yes it will rise. WHY!!??

sigh i somewhat realize how easy it is for Kamichan to do this on his blog, when something stupid comes up and your pissed the words just keep flowing~

but really what the hell do they expect?
all macros above cr to jpop_macros comm. lj

and because i just kinda got carried away more macros to show how i'm feeling at the moment cr youtachi_macros lj
this goes to my lovely peers. really if you don't understand it's okay nothing will make me like you.

the two Jin macros are dedicated to my teachers. yeah i'm not a a*** kisser. I'm not gonna smile at your jokes and do extra work for you.
and this goes to the wannabes. you can shorten your skirts all you like and preach feminist movements to me all you like. but in the end you still look like a slut.

Ryuu out (_ _)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sigh blogging from free wi fi spot

Hello~ ryuu here just trying out the wi fi of this random building... So no pics (; ̄ェ ̄) so news... Not much else to report on Japan so hopefully things are going okay what else ... Oh yeH found a place that's not in pacific mall to shop though it somewhat resembles nz's k road

ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ=3=3=3

yea it is in the downtown area pretty much yonge st. found a great shoe store too and a place that sells merch like those found in Kawaii not so all for now ♪(v^_^)v

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Without a doubt Johnny's will help out ^^

Ryuu here with some good news for Japan ^^

On March 15th, entertainment agency Johnny & Associates announced that all planned domestic concerts by their artists in March have been canceled. Instead, the transport and power unit trucks normally used for these live performances will be lent to disaster-stricken areas in Japan, free of charge.

In total, 18 performances by 6 artists have been canceled (including TOKIO, Tackey & Tsubasa, Hey!Say! JUMP, and Yamashita Tomohisa).

At every concert, Johnny’s uses several 10-ton transport trucks and a few electric power unit trucks. The agency has a contract in place with truck companies for these, but since the concerts have been canceled, they announced, “If it can help with the disaster relief in stricken areas, we are prepared to lend them out for emergency transport and supplementing electricity … [For example,] transporting material aid, and providing electricity to hospitals…

Food transport and power shortage are big problems at the affected areas, and Johnny’s says they will consider requests by local authority groups involved in the relief effort for the trucks.

Some fans may be gutted about the concerts (WHY?! it's for a good cause~) i don't know maybe those who've been looking forward to it for ages. but i don't know that just might be a few people.

^^ i know this post is only about Johnny's but i will also say most or all the other idols/ celebs are doing their best to help out. They've all been affected and may have lost a loved one. But. the amazing thing is that they aren't wallowing in self pity but are proactively moving on. (i hope)

sigh wish that this will be the last time in a long time we will hear about the radioactive mess that's happening == probably not. I hope everyone there to be safe

Monday, March 14, 2011

Update post >_<;

Supp gees!!

Long time no see!! Its finally been ALMOST a month at uni~!v @A@/ sooo fast aye~!

But its beeen hectic assss and u have to read soooo much >A<; omggg... i die... not because of the reading but how boring it is.... On a sad note tho (beside Japan T^T) my lecturer had a heart attack last Tuesday :( soo he will be MIA for the next month or so..... (just when I get an interesting lecturer ==;) all the others are superr boring!!! and another one talks like a train!! =3=|| Well its currently just about almost 1 here in NZ~and the weather has been crazyyy!!! ><"/ SUper cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoons!! TAT

Ok... since I have nothing to do..... random spam spam pics xD

My jacky boi maulting (sp?) >< He looked really depressed cos he knew he was ugly lol!

Watched Big Bang- Secret Garden Parody the other day... TABI is just roaaarrr!!! <3><>

Since autumn is coming Ive been wearing more long socks! Just have been lazy to take OTDs lol

Yeha so after that random post~~
I needa get back to my readings lol... how language evolved.... yaay fuunnn *insert sarcasm*

over and out!
Azu~ (btw if u want fashion ish stuff go to my other blog lol- i update there more often...)

p.s: RIP to all the victims in Japan and hope that minna can take the time to have a few minutes of silence tomorrow~~ Our prayers and wishes are with you Japan!! Ganbatte!! <3

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Tsunami and Earthquake Disaster photos (pic heavy)

Ryuu here with more depressing news...
pictures from the disaster.
Not only was there Tsunami's and earthquake (plus now all the after shocks) there are now fires, explosions at the nuclear plants, a volcano erupted and more and more people are missing or dead.

i hope all those people in japan right now will be okay and soon everything will be fine.

these are before and after satellite shots :((((((((((((
what a way to spend white day....