Monday, March 28, 2011

PIC Spam~ food

Ryuu here found these on google the other day when i was searching up the cakes to post for KAT - TUN's 5th Anniversary :P
so i just wantedd to share them cos i find them so awesome looking. I think most came of Mocha_cafe or something but i'm too lazy to recheck maybe later but these were floating on google if you wanna find them.... or is it just me that finds these? nah can't be functions has fully fried my brain

some say that this pic was of Jin and his brother... tbh i've seen so many versions of it i don't really care... just that they really do look photoshoped and well if there were two of him in the world i'm not sure how the fangirls would react :P

so freaking CUTE~

hehe apple

i've never had ... or seen this... i wonder where you can get it...

HELLO KITTY~ one of the things most girls grow up loving collecting.. or wondering why other girls did it... i was part f the last group :P i spent my day's colecting Dragon Ball Z cards and marbles XD

BENTO LOVE~ pfft bento XD azunyan gomen

and the last is dedicated to a very special turtle ^^ if you know me or know what i post most about in this blog you'll know who
-________-'' so tired of haters badmouthing other talents just cos they don't like them... seriously just don't speack about them and you'll never be bothered that they are there. I do it to the artists i don't admire, therefore i reserve energy for the things i want to do (_ _) silly kids

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