Monday, March 14, 2011

Update post >_<;

Supp gees!!

Long time no see!! Its finally been ALMOST a month at uni~!v @A@/ sooo fast aye~!

But its beeen hectic assss and u have to read soooo much >A<; omggg... i die... not because of the reading but how boring it is.... On a sad note tho (beside Japan T^T) my lecturer had a heart attack last Tuesday :( soo he will be MIA for the next month or so..... (just when I get an interesting lecturer ==;) all the others are superr boring!!! and another one talks like a train!! =3=|| Well its currently just about almost 1 here in NZ~and the weather has been crazyyy!!! ><"/ SUper cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoons!! TAT

Ok... since I have nothing to do..... random spam spam pics xD

My jacky boi maulting (sp?) >< He looked really depressed cos he knew he was ugly lol!

Watched Big Bang- Secret Garden Parody the other day... TABI is just roaaarrr!!! <3><>

Since autumn is coming Ive been wearing more long socks! Just have been lazy to take OTDs lol

Yeha so after that random post~~
I needa get back to my readings lol... how language evolved.... yaay fuunnn *insert sarcasm*

over and out!
Azu~ (btw if u want fashion ish stuff go to my other blog lol- i update there more often...)

p.s: RIP to all the victims in Japan and hope that minna can take the time to have a few minutes of silence tomorrow~~ Our prayers and wishes are with you Japan!! Ganbatte!! <3

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