Monday, March 21, 2011


cr: is_kazuchan
yo~ Ryuu here ^^ not long a
go i blogged on the formation of KAT TUN well today is the day they debuted~~~~~

yay!!!! *applause* :D yup this day five years ago they made their debut and we know them as the lovely guys they are ^^

and cos we are on the subject of celebrations there must be cake (for me anyway oh and ice cream)


omg they all look soooo good~! i'd marry (actually maybe not) someone who'd make me stuff :D (yeah maybe not, probably just settle for finding a shop that sells these desserts :P)

and this last pic is cos i miss those fish (taiyaki) ice creams :P i think i ate them every weekend when i was back in NZ just cos i couldn't give them up 9though they are a little pricey)

and oh btw the pic above is from which is... for erasers so ... yeah TT^TT

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