Saturday, March 19, 2011

Brains for dinner?

hello there~~~ Ryuu here ^^
today no rant post cos i didn't turn on the tv
(though i am rather annoyed how the fish and chips shop here CAN'T SERVE PROPER CHIPS~!!! really the 'Scotts' they were basing their shop on would be offended on the lack of taste in that place)

but enough cos i feel like bleh~~~~

lol lol it's you know it KEY~

looks like he got a cool jelly mould and has been using it.... i soooooo would want want of those to play with for just a random occasion. Just be like to kids "yeah we're having brains" or i could put one of them into a water bottle :D:D:D:D i wonder how people would react.....

AH~ march break is OVER TT^TT
did i accomplish anything? no i didn't. Why?
because i was too distracted for the past day watching KINPACHI SENSEI season 7!!!! with HIKARU and YABU (though he plays a very very small part)

i won't post spoilers in this post cos i know Azunyan was going to watch it
(for some reason after the quake all i wanted to do is watch JE chibi's like all their old dramas and movies) but yeah. Season 7 is so so so full on. It is one of those dramas that you have to know what happens to (hikaru) Shu TT^TT and they leave you with a cliff hanger ending~

chibi hika when he was... 6? or when he was in the 6th grade i can't read the kanji ==
look at him~!!!!!
Hika playing Shu
a little older i think this was around the high school mark...

the newer pics you can all find yourself since all these came straight from google ^^ just google him :D

(oh btw if anyone watched the last of the YY JUMPING live stage today/ yesterday you know that Yabu was fully disappointed, i'm pretty sure he was waiting for a hug *coughkisscough* scene with hika :P)

i can't wait to see what will happen in the SP since he comes back.... as a farmer OxO and well cos Kame and Yabu are there too and the Engrish boy Keito has his first ever drama debut~
but seriously... why did they shove a 17 year old 9almost 18 this april) into a role of a 14 year old?

i know he doesn't look old but isn't that odd... oh well they do it all the time anyway right....

^^'' babbling

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