Thursday, March 17, 2011

the post i first wanted to post

Ryuu back ._.
i posted what... an hour two hours ago?

ah~ feels good to rant that all out but truthfully
i came on blogger today to say YAY FOR THE FORMATION OF KAT TUN

on this day (March 16 2001) KAT TUN was formed and yes the KAT TUN with six members not five TT^TT

but enough of that since Jin is doing fine ^^
those lovely boys went fromthis i think it was 2001
(pic from 2003)

to this (the year i first learned of them thanks to Azunyan)

from 2006 i believe..

2010 ^^ (last yeat with Jin)

and now

since all these except came from their internet sources (google) i don't know who to cr)

but, KAT TUN i hope you carry on your activities and enjoy them ^^ Jin please stop drinking it will damage your vocal chords (singers should know this) and i hope you have fun too ^^

....sigh still wish i could see them live and i hope for their safety in Japan

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