Thursday, April 29, 2010

(p´-ω-`)ノ。o.゚ Fashion Gurus?

(人*・ω・)★=== Yo~!

Azumi desuuu~!! ogenki?? nyaa i know ryuu-chan posted earlier~~
Demo~~ i wanted to get in the habit of posting frequently~~ ☆(●・ω・●)ノ~~
Or else this will blog wil dieee~~Nooooo TT^TT sad~~

This post is mainly to share about where i get my fashion tips and tricks from~~

first off a little background~~

My fashion when i was younger (lol i sound old (。・∀・。)/) my fashion was mainly what i felt like wearing~~ but im pretty sure that it was coordinated~~ not like a bright pink suit (≧∀≦)~

But how i describe my fashion style now??
I dress to suit my mood~~
If im feeling "emotive" black, red, white is my style~~ but other wise~ its normal?? O__o lol watever that means~~★(*・ω・*) But my fashion sense has always been ASIAN~~ wat goes under that termm?? i guess long socks with shorts~~ baggy clothes~ weird asian t-shirts that dont make any sense~~!

but i first got into Gyaru fashion style ("Gal" fashion in Japan)
Heres the wikli definition~~

So i read magazines such as "Popteen", "Ranzuki", "Egg" and occasionally "Ageha" online~~ *♪

My favourite model(s) include Kumiko Funayama~ and Kanako Kawabata~ and ofcourse~~ Tsubasa Masuwaka~!!! Theyre all soo cute and girly~~ even when doing 'rock' styles~ T_T somthing i can never achieve~ ><

First picture is Kumiko Funayama (aka. kimicky), egg magazine, ranzuki, and popteen magazine~!(*'ー'*)♪

My favourite style gurus are:

Secretlifeofabionerd~! She is AWESOME~!! from hair tutorialsss to tshirt construction~!


Michelle Phan is the next~


From makeup gurus and fashion to blogss which are -----> HERE!(*゚ー~)^☆
All these amazing ppl that have put their time and effort into things~~ INSPIRE me~!

Sooo thany youu to them~!

So look forward to FOTD (face of the days) and OTD(outfit of the day)to see how i recreate their looks~!

Ja Neee~!!


T.O.P's smoking looks <3 my hubby keekeke

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