Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey guys~

Ryuuu chan~!!!! omg you've posted soo much~~ it seems this blog has become a music/ personal blog~~ so lets keep it as that ne~!!! x3 its good for updates too! xD

OMG~~~ for reaaal??? the SuG vids cant be watched anymore T^T ...

I also needa change the layout but i needa be home for that ==" still in melbourne soo chotto matte ne~~

OK some music uupdates~~!

Alice nine's new album Gemini is coming out in Feb and it seems that Hiroto is going to keep his blonde hair lol~~ Shous hair colour is awesoem though! or maybe its the lighting but it has a purpleish/redish tinge to it? O_o

but kyaa~~ heres the pv

On the Jpop note~~ Tegomass is coming out with a new single called "Aoi Bench" (Translation: Blue Bench) on the 16th of Feb! Finally some tegoshi massuda goodness~I hope tego looses the fro though >

btw ryuu I saw your prev few posts~~~ wth!!! tego and IU O_o

cr: Tokyohive

oh yeah on Jpop news too, Ken Hirai is having a 15th anniversary special and his show will be broadcasted live sometime in Feb (again...why is there soo much going on in feb?O_o) on TBS


Soo yeah~!! I will have more time when I get back (or maybe not) cos i have to sort out my papers for Uni >A<; but soooo excited!! Dad's getting me a lappie~~!! whee hope its a good one xD

ttyl for now


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