Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's cold ==" (pic heavy)

AZUNYAN~ woot your aliiiiiiive~

hahahaha yeah i've really had nothing to do for the pastfive weeks and it shows with the amount of posts i've made (and tbh i think it's just become more of an update thing than anything else XD)

so in this post i wanna update by PICSS!

i think i posted a couple days ago a pic of sunset of the CN Tower, well that was only part one of my little tourist time i did when i first arrived. sigh i found the camera i wantit's an Olympus Pen. TT^TT it cos around $500 and the model up fromthat which isreally good is around $1000
(that's without tax cos they don't include the whole retail pricehere so you got to work it out yourself :(

anyway to the pics

all watermarked and edited so i know where they are if you take thembut they are all really generic though so i wouldn't know why you'd take them

the view once again from the CN tower

Snow that went to about my calves it's so so POWDERY and annoying when itt turns to slush

i have never seen a squirrel in real life before and they are really hard to catch on camera...

Casa Loma (castle? does it need it it sounds like Loma house castle if i add itthough...)
but yeah big, cool and with some creepy as rooms


this room which is in the attic and is the first room you enter to get to the tower ... there's something concerning when there's just this random chair sitting... alone.... in the middle... of an empty brick room....

the the spiral stair case which you take to get to the many levels in the tower... worse part it's probably around half a meter wide and so narrow and steep you feel claustrophobic and sick at the same time (going up or down) but yeah more pic spam soon maybe with the food i've been eating but not yet ^^ ja ne

oh plus this~

buahahahahaha lol'd when i saw this

lol still love all of them ... but somehow he does resemble Akanishi and Kame... :P Bakaki
cr google

Ryuu out^^... oh and ps Azu, you should make the next theme rabbits for chinese new year... or something :P

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