Monday, January 17, 2011

SuG Crazy Bunny Coaster weeeee~ vid heavy

Ryuu desu~
here it is ^^

omg when i saw this on my homepage i was lik (\[O0O]/)
yes finally something that will get me A LITTLE out of this bad mood i got from moving into a freaking pit TT^TT

yeah the whole snow thing is fun but seriously.... public transport will make the nicest of people turn into monsters ==

so yeah apart from that what other news..... yeah nothing at the moment still waiting on everything else that i watch so nothing yet....
and cos i wanna watch SuG i might as well share it too

^^ SuG~!

and i also have started liking this band

yes i know they're an ald band but well.... lately surfing has just gotten easier so i'm catching up on music but :P they're pretty cute don't y'all think?

waaah Azunyan no one here likes rock... well jrock... i haven't seen a single rocker.... all hip hop/ generic radio sound people.... then again i haven't met any so i'm hoping there are people i can get new sounds from :P

and i'm loving these guys too

i love all their hair in this pv :D wish i could dye my hair
more info of them here

last one i promise.... for this post XD lol yeah mostly oshare kei stuff cos life is depressing as it is, ^^"

so that's me out~

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