Sunday, January 23, 2011

next part to the girly parade (pic heavy)

I miss my sewing machine :P
Azunyan if you asked me to make one of these wedding dresses as a cosplay outfit i'd probably suffocate under the amount of fabric that goes in it before i die from actually making it!

so yea was surfing tokyohive when i saw these pics and was like O____O i wouldn't have the patients to do all the details for all of these dresses ( i made one once with around 7 layers and i gave up making it pretty and just sewed it all up to see how it would look then gave it to someone else (cough the little one who wore it once then threw it out cos we didn't know how we'd wash the dam thing)

:P yeah so idk why but i feel like colors and girly stuff at the moment (oh! i also bought this cool as jacket the other day for cheap~ owner discounted it from $80 to $20 so happy :DDDDD)

but i will post a pic of that later when i get round to wearing it (probably in spring since it's too light for -37˚C TT^TT)

the model is nozomi sasaki once again i don't know who it is since i don't really follow fashion like Azunyan but thought these looked cool

idk if you all can see this one but there are little lace butterflies sewn into pretty much every layer of this pure white wedding dress

one of my favs just cos it's got a really cool color to it, not really the classic wedding gown look like the first but it's still pretty cool, i think it suits more like a ball/ prom thing though than a wedding

THIS dress(dresses) made me wanna cry for the person who made it LOOK AT ALL THAT FREAKING DETAIL
at first since it was just a thumbnail i saw i was like.... yellow... then when i clicked on it i was like O___O fudge!....
if there was only one person making this dress i would like to go up and congratulate them for making this just freaking zomg
pinks not my thing but i think it still looks cool

and this is definitely my favorite of the dresses that were shown .... why well cos you could cosplay in it!!!! i don't know how long it would take me to get pissed of at the skirt but i'd so still wear one if someone offered it to me

:P i think i am going crazy since i've had nothing to do lately... look out for my next post... it will be about toast (and other things :P)

Ryuu out~

oh and this is the page if you wanna see the whole article:

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