Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Request: 君を思うとき (Jin's first solo live)

Ryuu here~

i have two formats of 君を思うときJin BC020908 which are in 360p and 480p (the smaller is mp4 and the larger is flv) Both have pretty good sound quality it's just the video itself is small.

NO HOTLINKING~ the rules here are the same as those on Livejournal communities DO NOT RE-SHARE ON YOUTUBE OR OTHER STREAMING SITES
because the original uploader is unknown then it would be a problem if they find it and close their site because they don't want people sharing it on streaming sites

thank you please follow the rules ^^

flv (640x480) 25.8 MB

mp4 (480x360) 17 MB

there is a watermark at the top right of the screen for the original uploader but i can't make it out
(took this of youtube years ago)
so if you know who it is drop me a comment and i'll put there name here but either way full cr for the vid to the owner(s) of the crest on the video

since this vid doesn't have an owner right now if resharing the links please credit remixnyaa so the owner if they have complaints can find it here and i will deal with it.

(please also drop a comment if you dl it would be nice to hear form you ^^
or if the links not working)

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