Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Because i can't think of anything better to do :/ (pic spam) cos i can't seem to get the size i want

Ryuu present ^^

well okay so i really don't have anything worth posting about today but i'm lazy to do anything else so just gonna ramble ^^ you guys know me :P

so just checking through some of the fashion sites that i look into
and you all know toyofashion.com
pretty large fan base for the site. went on for the first time in a while and was greeted by this
i wonder what the dress looks like under the shirt, from the looks of it, the whole thing had the netting/ metal eyelets/ more ruffles. not something i would be happy wearing. but the whole thing is really cute :P

next these photos XD had to take the pics of my fav out of the group

and i will start my rambling from the right to the left :P bare with me i'm bored and hungry

Okay the dude with the popsicle stick looks like "yup too cool for youuuuuu" kinda guy. massive chain around his neck also makes me want to hang things from it like an extra large charm bracelet *shifty eyes* looks for my xmas decorations
okay forget describing them all, while staring at their pic all i got to say is this WHAT'S UP WITH THEIR CHOICE IN FOOTWEAR AND ACCESSORIES O.o?
ones wearing a massive chain okay, next is wearing a coke bottle on a chain + tie (._.)...
next is wearing what looks to be a pair of scissors on a landyard decked out in kinda beach clothes *note to you please wear longer shorts... please* then the next is wearing a curtain fastener. the only one who's got an ok piece is the guy who looks like he's been living in the mountains for a while with his piece of cord around his neck... though it's being dwarfed by the massive scarf he is wearing on such a sunny day :/

yeah you don't really see this kinda thing where i live so it's kinda funny to see. fav person in the pic, second guy from the left :P he's so cute but i hate his shoes it's like okay WTF O.o?
and the random piece of neckwear he's got on looks like he was attacked by a curtain XD
but other than that the whole boho style he's got works well

see they're those old grandad style things... maybe he did take them from his grandad :/ idk

so yes that is my ramble now i have to go do the laundry.... XD man the post on tokyofashion said these were all high school students, i'd love to meet students like these :P wouldn't you?

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  1. Ryuu-pyonn~!! xD YAY!! I should start commenting on my own blog~! xD I LOL'd at the description!! xp The dude witht eh morange hair and "short" shorts looks really cute... just not the shorts xD awwwwwwwwwwwww I think you should go save the dude xD