Monday, October 4, 2010

I'm baaaack~ my music news (pic heavy)

Hello Minna~ Ryuu desu
anyway since i haven't been back in a while i will update you all in what we've been doing
(sorry Azunyan no pics of Taste of Japan cos i can't seem to find the card reader and my computer doesn't support my computers software (_ _)" idek

so as Azunyan has posted in the last entry SHINee is back with "HELLO" yup Hello

offical vid

their smiles are BLINDING soooo cute and Taemin looks like he's grown up (i really wish their stylist would stop playing with the kids hair though)
^^/ me rofl at Onew he's so so so... idk how to put it funny?

(okay i lie not all cos i don't wanna screw this server up :P so first five all the rest can be seen on their offical page in (just different angles of these shots))

hai SHINee spam over next

yeah i'm predictable
so who watched their newset dvd *raise hands madly* yup i did and their previous two concerts in the same day XD it was like watching them grow CHINEN!! yup he's grown soo much

here they are ^^ won't spam you with these cos i don't know who to credit for the pics :/ yup
highlights BEST versions of GAMBARESTSGO (sp? idk) they're even more hyper then 7's version of Score XD sooo funny
back stage footage was fun too since we get to see all of them doing their hair (their pajamas are so BRIGHT)
i have one complaint though.. WTF is up with their costumes? cool they glow in UV light but really? ORANGE and GREEn and to make it worse NEON ORANGE AND GREEn its like WTH!! Johnny san you make the costumes stand out more than the boys!!

and to my next fav topic JIN~

Sun, October 3, 2010 (7:19pm EDT)
On Sunday, Jin Akanishi (26) held a fan club event at Zepp Tokyo, his first public appearance in Japan since leaving KAT-TUNin July. During the event, he talked about his U.S. tour this coming November, as well as his plans for next year. At the moment, he is looking to release his next single simultaneously in the U.S. and Japan.

Akanishi performed a total of 8 songs including "Eternal," which is the leading candidate for the upcoming single. He plans to release that single in Japan in early 2011.
Johnny's Jimusho is currently in talks with multiple record labels in the U.S. to negotiate a simultaneous release.

Akanishi is also planning a solo album and a Japan tour, though details have not yet been determined.

During the event, Akanishi did not touch on the subject of his departure from KAT-TUN. At the press conference after the event, he explained that he already made his announcement on his blog, so he felt there was no need to talk about it. However, he acknowledged that his withdrawal from the group was very sudden, so he apologized to the other members for the trouble it caused. At the same time, he said he would like to see both KAT-TUN and himself rise up to a higher level as artists together.

Akanishi stated that he hopes to have Japan as his base


Can't wait for this :D:D:D:D well i can't wait for him to actually release some new stuff for us fangirls XD lol yup i miss him and KAT TUN (ever since i read NEWSHFAN's post when she called them "Kitten" (K'TTUN) it's stuck == why KTTUN WHY!
lol kitten so cute imagine them all in cat costumes XD

okay so i wanted to link some vids here but i can't find the embeded code for it so i will just link not happy it didn't work (it would help if i could read chinese XD)

these are two clips of recent Jin happenings :P his hair and his english rofl!
"my skin is yellow and my life is gold"
thus he named his new tour YELLOW GOLD
O.O yeah okay huh? lol oh well al least he's trying

his hair is back to being short and black~ and the lady behind him looks like she's gonna fall asleep ==

what else do i have to post about... idk i just had a brain fail watching some DES&NATE vids man those guys have gone scewy (though they were already)

so until i remember what else i wanted to blog about

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