Friday, October 1, 2010

Life of a student gyaru~ ☆スタート☆*pic heavy*

(。・ω・)ノ゙ Heyy lovelies~!! (Yes I should start addressing u guys as "Dears" <--wahahaha just like my dad GACKT! wakakaka )

Hooi~~! How is everyone?? ♪ Well.. I know all my gyaru posts have been really random and haphazard~ Soo..Im going to be starting the series "Life of a student gyaru". Why "student"?..well.. im still learning >.o and Im still going to school~! kekeke laaaame ... i know >__>....

So yeah! Im really keen on DIY-ing cos Spring is here and so summer soon~! and Im not allowed to get anymore new clothessss to save for HOLIDAYING at year end~~ (ノД`)・゜・。Oh well~~ im really looking forward to it!! (^-^)ノ

Well yeah~ NZ fashion is basically one cycle behind Japan's! In the summer gone past in Japan the trends I've been seeing were:


★ Stripes





★Crop tops

Here are some examples~ taken from Popteen, Popsister and (a little bit) from Ranzuki~ from April-Aug (Spring/Summer in Japan~! ^-^)

For accessories there is/was a HUGE trend in Hats (Can can hats/military/navy style hats/Straw hats), Usamimis, Scarf Bows

Seeing all these trends~ I'm going to try and replicate them using DIY methods and matching with what I already have~~ hee...easy right?? But the thing is also~~ im going to attempt to make some pieces too~~ and if you know me.. >_<><"
Soo *fingers crossed* hehe

So until I can blog again~~ hopefully tmz~ take care minna~! ─∀☆
SHINEE- Hello comeback stage~! Enjoy~

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