Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Pan-chuuu~ (~O~)ノ

(o・x・)o♪Haroooo minna~!!

Azuuu and Ryuuu-chan desuuu~! (But I bet you can kinda tell whos blogging wahahahaha)
Yesh~ So tomorrows the Taste of Japan 2010 event~

I've got a yukata~ but Ryuu-chan is currently at my house trying to make hers and one for another friend of ours~

Welll lets say that is going..umm...interestingly.....faill o(*´∇`o) Heres our "lunch" kekeeke~

Ham and cheese, Custard Pan, Sausage and cheese and "Suicide" Pan (Thats cos all the choc kept falling off >"<)

Well yeah~! ^^ Will take heaps of pics~~ but heres Ryuu-chan doing her's~

See you tmz~!!

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