Monday, September 20, 2010

(´∀`)4/7 done~!!

Heyyy guyyss!!! "ヽ(´▽`)ノ"
Azu desuu♪

Yaaay~!! only 3 more exams to go~!! Welll... till holidays that is [.__.]"

Im putting the real ones as far back into the back of my brain as it can goo~! LOL! After this week... Im freeeeee~!! ( ∩_∩)/ Well.. at least for the next two weeks~

ZOMG!! Im soo excited~!! "Taste of Japan 2010" is almost here (its this Saturday)~!!! Ryuu-chan, Sung-hee, Yumi and Raina-chan and I are going to it~! This year they are celebrating all the festivals they normally celebrate in a year in Japan~!

For those readers that are up in Aucks- heres more details~!

Do come and check it out~! Rin-nechan has been kind enough to let me borrow her yukata~!! ☆♪

Anyways~~ Mooncake Festival is on tomorrow~! (*゚▽゚)*ン *sigghh* too bad I cant go to that too~ TTATT cos of JKSHAKDHDJBJ Examsssss .__. FML~Oh well~~ At least I get HOMEMADE mooncakes right?? Made by my lovely auntiee~! They are soo yummy!!

What type of mooncake do you guys like?!? For me~ I'm not really adventurous with my flavours~ Its always the redbean one or the lien yong (sp?) ones~ ^-^ I also really like the texture of the no-bake "Snow skin Mooncakes"~! Nummyyy~!

Anywho~ these pics are off google~ but I will take pics of the homemade ones when we get to eat them properly tmz~! Can't wait~!☆□o(∇≦o)

Well since its been exam period~ Ive been cooking my lunches by my self~ Heres some ^^v

(Clockwise from Top Left: Omurice (insideout); Fried Ham,Kimchee,Salad&rice; Chilli prawn/cabbage/cauli&rics; Kimchichigae&rice)

Yeah~~ I suck at taking food picss -_-;

Hoi~! Yeah yeah I know I have a backlog of posts to do...damnn youu examsss~

Ok gtg and FAIL my next 3~! ;A;

Bai Bai~!

Azumi (FOTD)

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