Monday, October 25, 2010

Yoh! ☆Hey!ヽ('ー'#)/ OFDs+adventures (Pic heavy)

Yo!! ☆Hehe~ Hows everyone??

Azumi desu~ Yeah~~ Ive got a ton of pics to spam you guys with~~ *evil grin*

Btw~ duuude Ryuu-chan~ ure post killed my eyessss #_#=3 Doushite mou AKAI?!?!?

Yeah here are some pics from when Ryuu-chan and I took a "break" from school the other day~~ shhhh >/\<

Walking home from school pics~ last week and today~~ its been GLORIOUUUSSS weather!!! YAA~! ヾ(*゚▽゚)ノ♪ Spring has finnaly decided to appear -_-;

OK here are some OFTs from this week and last~ around that~

This outfit was for last week for Breast Cancer Week 2010!

Random overall outfit~ LOL I got given these overalls by my mum! I <3 handmedowns LOL~

Todays outfit~ I just realised I REALLy like my new over the knee socks~ keke
I havent really done anything speacial to my hair~~ erither down or up lol!

Yup yup~so as Ryuu-chan said~ we are going to be on hiatus for awhile~ till after exams~ ^-^

Thanks for reading~! ヘ(´ー`*)
Take care till a months time!!

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  1. Azunyan red is good cos it stands out XD gomen ne but i will keep using it XD (and you already took blue and purple and green just looks strange )