Sunday, October 24, 2010

Slight sorta semi Hiatus (pic heacy carry on)

Guess who~ yup Ryuu here
so here is the screen shots i said i would put up

Ne Azunyan gonna post twice now cos i don't think i can post anything when i really and i mean really start studying [. _ .] yes that will happen so heres the pic spam i promised of dun tada dun those in my last post
NakaYama time ^^

Chii's candid shot of Yama
buhahahaha first Yama feeds Yuma then Yuma feeds Chinen too bad i don't really understand the dialogue -___-
yuma's confession and yamachii bullies

Yamachan's a bullyyyy and Yuma gets scared very easily XD
such a cute face to those who haven't seen this GO WATCH IT

pretty little yamada
this was so cute to watch just angry that Chiinyan's hair was all bleh again

I realize i am very Yamachii biased and on that very Yamachan biased
can't help it :P
so jaa i think that's will be it for a while, would upload more if the darn uploader would let me upload more than just two at a time :(
bye bye

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