Sunday, October 24, 2010

HIBLAAAAAA~ (pic heavy ish) for some reson i can't upload the pics i want so pic spam next post 'kay?

It’s been a while ==” Ryuu desu

Gomen ne~

Update and you know what this will include ^0^/ yup Hey!Say!JUMP & NYC, Jin oh as well as Kame =_0 been a while since my two boys were in the same post (hush Azu yes I miss them :P)

As some - like Azunyan and I are at the moment – are busybusybusybusy cramming for our finals sigh the great life of a student ne Azunyan?


Mah~ oh well, time for random talk. NYC that’s Nakayama Yuma, Yamada Ryousuke, and Chinen Yuri have FINALLY released their new single!!! YAY!! I have to say this is a VERY cute song, those who haven’t listened to it LISTEN TO IT!

I’m not sure how many times I listened to the dvd/cd jacket shooting making of but freaking A Yamachan looks like a GIRL in some parts O.o

Anyone saw the first time they played their new single on Music Station O.O zomg Yama! Yeah I was really shocked how pretty he looks.

Yuma and his new haircut is going well, makes him look less how to put it- bug like? Yeah, something close to that.

Chinen, what more can be said about him other than SOOO CUUUUTE~ yesh anyone saw the recent scans Myojo scans for December? Yesh lol all cute and sleeping on the floor XD

Buahahahaha okay fangirling break ~.~ =33 phew breathe in, out, look into my Othello booklet, scan Plath’s poems…

Yeah studying really isn’t working too well.

Study note to self: Only study something for 30min it would seem I have no attention span for more than that.


Yesh! Finally~ well as I say “making” it’s more like planning, trying to figure out how to film it, when to film it and where to film as well as how we’re gonna cut and make the darn thing ==” whyy is it so haaard!

Wow I am overly using ! and ~ today…. Slightly hyper [._.] breathe- okay

I was thinking of just cutting some Shounen Club clips Azunyan, they’ve all done the songs we want to do only thing is two of those aren’t really JUMP together but Shounen JUMP, but that’s okay ne?

We shall see~


Yosha! Well Jinjin is back the U.S.A to do his thing in various states I am not anywhere near of TT^TT why are the tickets so expensive and why are the venues sooo soo FAAAR AWAAAY~

Ah~ (_v_),,, so anyone check the you&jin website? Lol I DID! And guess what I found!!

A vid of Jin speaking English, I hate to say it but it sounds really really really forced, might be cos he is shy but his pronunciation still needs some work –w- gomen ne other fan girls I just hope his English improves since he’s gonna need it if he is gonna stay in the western market.

Moving on – KAMECHAN! Buhahahaha won the best Jeanist award again! Because they just look good on him XD yup well except when he wears them so they bottoms of each pant leg don’t even touch the tops of his shoes O.O yesh~ if anyone else knows this they will know how ODD it LOOKS! Please asian guys or and guys DON’T WEAR YOUR JEANS LIKE THIS! It looks strange… okay this depends on personal taste but you know it’s just [. _ .]

It’s just like these guys I saw recently. Up the road from the school Azunyan and I Attend there’s a Boy’s High, and as boys do they also have their own fashion sense. You get the guys who high ride and wear their clothes like their Momma still dressed them and you get the low riders, the pants that have seen better days and just like girls you get the guys who alter their uniforms O.O yup

I have no problem with that if they didn’t make it look so … tight…

These guys have a choice between shorts or long trousers, you know the ones you get for nice clothes the dress pants I think they are called? Like a cheaper version of tuxedo pants but they are okay to just wear kinda casually. Anyway moving on these guys altered their clothes. I get it they wanted to make the pant legs a little more FITTED but I just didn’t like how TIGHT they had made them (on the other hand my friend who I was with like d how they looked cos they were as tight as skinny jeans -_____- yup they were that tight) it was a good thing though this guy that we saw wasn't the same as the last guy who not only altered his pants to fit but his knitted sweatshirt and had his polo shirt buttoned up so it looked like it was chocking him oxo it was that bad, his pant’s didn’t pass his shoe tops and his shirt/sweater didn’t go lower than his waist. I know prep and I did not know what this style was… maybe extreme prep. Have to admit that they are they only examples I have seen of this but you know you just take notice…

O____O woah that was a huge random …. Whatever this was…. But I still haven’t finished talking about Kame.

Finished watching Gokusen the Movie kyaaa~ looked freaking awesome in the movie :P but that’s my bias. Anyway like the new Anan pics cos he looks like his younger self when he used to sleep and such. Silly Johnny san. Overworking his stars. But I got to say without him we would never have our Boys so for…sometime this year month? I think it was the 24th? TANJOUBI OMEDETOU (sp?) yeah happy birthday

And I think I have hypered myself out so that was me

Ryuu drop a comment we will get abck to you! coughAzumicough

Oh yeah does anyone know an easy outfit to make for a early summer semi formal party? I still don’t know what to make and I think I’m lazy to after my exams

-_“anyway, i wanted to spam everyone but i will do that later sigh sigh

BYE BYE CYCLE kyaaa Kame~

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