Sunday, October 31, 2010

Update~ Jrock news

ヾ(´・ω・`) Konnichiba~

Azumi here! Hows everyone?? Just taking a break from studying here at my schools library~ thus why I cant post any remix pis~ TAT~

Its ok though~! Cos Im exciiiteedd~!! The restaurant for our bday bash is booked!! wheee!~

Also I just caught up with my Japan news~~ and TOKYOHIVE has jsut made my day!!

Ive been anticipating KanonXKANON's new single and PV~ and its just come out!!!
Too bad I cant watch it in the schools lib -_-; But I will fly home at once and watch it LOL~!

Both Kanons are my favourite artists!! and the concept for the PV looks soo awesome!!

Also AOI ex-Ayabie has also released a new single called "surrender love"

**Will update with links to PV when I get home**

YAYAYAY~!! Soo awesome! finally new tracks coming from my fav jrock bands!! YIPEE~!! hehe

Well yeah apart from exams in 2 weeks.. nothing can keep be down down down~~ ♪♪♪

Anyways~ hope everyone is SLIP SLOP SLAP'n since summerr is here~!!!!


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