Friday, June 4, 2010

U\(●~▽~●)Уイェーイ!Snip Snip~!

O(≧▽≦)O nyaaapppyy~!!!!

hows everyone??

heres are new pic of Ryuunyan and me~~ Ive got bags under eyes coz dat week was wen i was dead tired~ orz~ We havnt changed have we?? xD

hehe~~ nyaaa you can tell im missing An Cafe~~ esp Kanon and Bou (T^T)
anychance to promote JROCK kekeke~~

ヘ(ё_ё)ノ Ryuu-chan's internet renews in TWO daysss~!!! yatta~! Then you'll c more of her~ kekeke~
Anyways heres my FIRST tutorial~~ due to time constraints (im supposed to be duin hmk)..fml~~ I will post it in word form~~hope thats ok~!

Korewa~~ the finish product desu~!!!(the shirt thingy i mean)~ ∩(´∀`)∩ワァ-♪ Face was yucky

So...heres the steps~!

Things you'll need:

-Large shirt


-Needle and thread

-Other fabric that matches ure tshirt colour


1) Place your t-shirt on a flat surface and turn it inside out. \( ̄▽ ̄;)/

2) Use a chalk to draw a line to cut off the collar and make the neckline as wide as you want. (so you can have it off-shoulder ヾ(*・∀・)/ )

3) Cut a large square of fabric that will fit around the sleeve and the collar of the shirt to form a loop (this is for the ribbon). Turn it iside out so that the right side is facing in. Fold the square in half and sew.

4) Take the now sewn rectangle and flip it till its on the right side. Thread the rectangle through the hole of the collar and sleeve and sew the ends together.

5) now take another tiny triangle and put it around one side of the large rectangle to make a riboon. sew the ends~!

6) Finish the raw edges~! and your DONE ^^

yeah i didnt have time to finish the raw edges..but it doesnt matter cos T-shirt material doesnt fray as much~ ノ´д`ノ。・ゎーぃ・。\´д`\)

Hehe hope it wasnt that hard to understand~(⌒∇⌒;)

Well...its Queens Birthday weekend this weekend so that means LONG weekend~! YIPEE~!! So.. the gang and me will go shopping on Sun and then on Mon I will have to do my hat and other bits and pieces for the ball~!! Not long to go now~! Cant wait~@_@~"

So will post more soon~!

take care



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