Saturday, June 12, 2010

KAT TUN (N.M.P) pv and Jin talks about his LA concert

Minna!!!~Ryuu here ^^

i know i've posted just random news at the moment (mostly on Jrock) here's some news on one of my favourite JE group KAT TUN!!!!

yes i know that at the moment it's KT TUN,

and A in L.A. but i still love them

the first is KT TUN's new pv N.M.P (no more pain). I find the new concept of space age-ness like their other vid "Going" (spoiler alert!!!) the whole darth vader begining is funny to watch cos it reminds me of Final Fantasy and the whole fighting the heartless thing and the moving tatoos XD love

watch the vid, the graphics are cool, but i wonder how they are going to preform this live ^^


i'm still throwing a hissy fit that i can't attend either the KT TUN concert and the Jin and You concert but i still love them, here is Jin talking in english :P he sounds so shy.

i wonder if all the backup dancers for his concert even knew of him before they auditioned for the show :/

ANYWAY... enjoy sorry about the quality

That's all from me, Azunyan will be posting something.. sometime when she has time (the assesments we're doing is pretty long) have a good day everyone

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