Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ryuu again~

minna... i'm bored and my head hurts (-.-)"
this is gonna be a short post cos i'm not supposed to be on here ><
(. _.) shh don't tell anyone okay ^6^

so as Azunyan posted before we went to the city with Yuri-chan to get some supplies XD

yes that is what i call make up

==... the dumb thing is i have no idea what other make up is out there other than: eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss... yes i am really bad with girly things -. -

anyway since we are on the topic of makeup here are the ideas for my makeup

we are going JROCK STYLE!!

though i am not sure how this is going to look with my dress... (v. girly and blue :P)

so these are some ideas for my makeup

check them out if you want to find some ideas too (they give some tutorials)

And to carry on with my SuG love at the moment i want TAKERU'S EYES!!!

and yes the second pic is from Takeru's Ameblo Blog :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

if you want the blog

yeah so if you want to see (*stalk*) him that's the place to go

he updates it usually and posts pics (^A^)

if anyone has any ideas for makeup please comment!!! ^^ Ryuu out :P

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    PS: New buttons for BLOGLOVIN!