Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ryuu desu~ just surfing the interblog and found this:

 1.DREAMER   Lyricist:Yabu Kota Composer:BOUNCEBACK Arrangements:高橋哲也、佐藤泰将

2.INFINITY   Lyricist: Yaotome Hikaru Composer: 内田智之 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

3. 瞳のスクリーン (Hitomi no Screen)日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ「左目探偵EYE」主題歌 (Nihon TV Saturday Dorama Theme Song)Lyricist:村野直球 Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:鈴木雅也

4.真紅 (Shinku/ Crimson [color-dark red])  Lyricist: Yamada Ryosuke Composer:Fredrik Hult Arrangements:h-wonder

5. ガンバレッツゴー! (Ganbarettsugo!)  Lyricist:藤林聖子、MAKOTO Composer・Arrangements:h-wonder

6.情熱 JUMP (Jounetsu JUMP)  Lyricist:ma-saya  Composer:BOUNCEBACK Arrangements:船山基紀

7.すまいるそんぐ (Sumairu Songu/Smile Song)  Lyricist: Chinen Yuri Composer:Shusui, Hirofumi Sasaki Arrangements:石塚知生

8.Memories   Lyricist:ma-saya  Composer:加藤裕介 Arrangements:佐藤泰将

9. Dreams come true TBS系 フジテレビ系「バレーボール世界最終予選」イメージソング (TBS TV "VolleyBall World Semi-final" image song)Lyricist:久保田洋司 Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

10.Time   Lyricist: Takaki Yuya Composer: 平田祥一郎 Arrangements:Arioka Daiki、Eddy

11.Score   Lyricist: Yabu Kota  Composers:JOEY CARBONE and STEVEN LEE Arrangements:前口渉 RAP lyrics:Yaotome Hikaru

12. Your Seed 映画「カンフー・パンダ」イメージソング (Image song of the movie )Lyricist:ma-saya Composer:h-wonder Arrangements:ha-j

13.アイ☆スクリーム (Ai☆Sukuriimu <--is that a pun?! "I scream/ Ice-cream/ Love scream"??!!)  Lyricist+Composer:Yaotome Hikaru    Arrangements:磯崎健史、吉岡た

14. 真夜中のシャドーボーイ (Mayonaka no Shadow Boy)日本テレビ系土曜ドラマ「スクラップ・ティーチャー ~教師再生~」主題歌 (Nihon TV Saturday Dorama Theme Song)Lyricist:ma-saya Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:馬飼野康二、石塚知生

15.Dash!!   Lyricist:Nakajima Yuto Composer: 原一博 Arrangements:川端良征、清水昭男

16. Ultra Music Power フジテレビ系「ワールドカップバレー2007」イメージソング (Fuji TV Image song)Lyricist:MSS Composer:馬飼野康二 Arrangements:CHOKKAKU

17.Thank You ~僕たちから君へ~ (Thank you~Bokutachi kara kimi e~/Thank you~From us to you~)  

Lyricists:Hey! Say! JUMP Composer:STVEN LEE Arrangements:船山基紀 Song Co-ordination:JOEY CARBONE

RUMOURS (idk if it is real cos i'm at school and can't really listen to the post/cm)

To tell yo the truth i am not sure about the whole thing so wait from it to be official..though i think from the cm it is (-_-)" just wait for me to spaz about it later 'jay >.0
i think it is real, if not i am so gonna be bummed cos i really want to hear what's on the cd....even if i can't get it cos i can't order it online stupid parents and their need to not let me have a credit card ( though if i did i would probably spend all the credit on useless things *cough ICE CREAM!!!! cough* :P)


cr: google, aznongaku

i am also slowly noticing a pattern that my posts are getting smaller and smaller... sigh==" what can i say i don't really share well, it's like my brain wants to leap ahead of what i'm typing so it all comes out jumbled and i delete what doesn't make sense...which is most XD
i also notice that i look down to type sometimes esp. when i make a mistake and i don't look up after correcting it.... i need to learn how to touch type better... and the heys to the library computer is kinda gross =A=" like oily.... yeaaaaah... enough sai, public computers are gross

So that's me for now.. maybe i'll come back later and post whatever else i find ^^ please look forward to it.....
anyway the computer next to me is flashing so i think it's time for me to go BYE BYE~


Credits to nisiyan41509 @ youtube. you can download the file from here in mp4. format ^^

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