Saturday, June 12, 2010

One Ok Rock new pv "Liar" and Miku's new band

Ryuu here again ^^
gonna be a short post cos i got to do some assignments which are due really soon with the way i work
i hope everyone has checked out the new SuG pv, Takeru's new look is so cute XD and i love how they randomly crashed the couples date thing.
on more jrock news One Ok Rock has released a new pv
i'm loving the fact that Taka's english has gotten better
i can't seem to find the vid on youtube to upload it straight onto the blog gomen ==' so this is a link to
go check it out it's worth the time ^^
(....for some reason i can't upload images at the moment so i can't put any of One Ok Rock or Lc5 yet gomen gomen ==)
Miku's new band news (An Cafe)
i'm sure most have already heard of this but An Cafe has issued a hiatus after the Budokan preformance in January to pursue other activities (what they are i don't know yet)
here's the article:
but yeah i can't read it properly but it says something about a learning grow An Cafe into a better group (?? idk)
This is news of Miku's new band Lc5
i'm still finding info about them so just wait i'm sure they'll be good...but i hope this hiatus doesn't last for too long
anyway good night everyone, wish me luck that i don't fail these two assements ^^

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