Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bling Ring Ring~♪

おひさしぶりだよね~!(/・0・) ひやぁ〜
Hello everyone~~~! Long time no c~!(=∇=)ノ~ ♪
あずみでよ~~!☆みな 元気ですか?
Azumi here~! How are all you guys~??

Well just to let u guys know~ that we are ok~ and had funn at the ball~! hehe~
Just waiting for everyone for send me the 100x of piccys...>< I didnt bring mine~ ( ´ ▽`;)/

Anyways..heres a pic~~ I forgot to get everyones permission to put it on blog~~ so only REmix is shown~(・。・)ノ はい~!!

Hehe~~ ok thing to come up~~ as the holidays are coming~! whee~(≧∇≦)

1) Revamp blog
2) Make spoof of a kpop/jpop mv~~(any suggestions??)
3) Put up more tutorials~! ( ^ー゜)b

Ok~~ gtg~~ bibi~!

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