Friday, February 18, 2011

Galileo Galilei (Band) and Akanishi Jin's Performance on Music station/ MTV iggy


well to start it off i guess updates ^^
recently i heard of this band

though they are still very young their sound is good and they hold potential to get bigger. to be honest they reminded me of ONE OK ROCK to start of just because they have that sort of slower mellow rock ONE OK ROCK had in their first cd if i'm remembering right.

i'm not really sure about the biography of the group but i do know that the members of this new quartet are 18 years or younger (well according to sources)

next up MTV IGGY's special interview with Akanishi~

yep it's finally out and you can watch all the parts... yeah all of them on their site:

i don't know how to save the videos so ==

And the long waited for Music station performance can be seen here~


for those who want to upload it to their ipods/iphones

resolution is 470 x 270 for both cos my converter didn't want to make it bigger.
HD but not HQ
(though if you do make it bigger the quality stays to semi hd)
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