Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jin's Eternal pv

Uwaaaah~ it feels like i haven't posted on this page for forever O_O

but anyway Ryuu here to share some Jin love~

Some Wallpapers i have made from the Eternal PV

so here they are~

preview and DL links:

And to DL all of them

^^ have fun with them but they took ages to make even if they are simple. All are HD and have WATERMARKS THAT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN OF~
please be kind ^^

i don't mind if you use them for things like LJ/blog account backgrounds and headers whatever by reformatting or sizing them but the watermark is to show who made them and i would like to be credited

I tried to keep each wallpaper as simple as i could... but i'm still new at making these so it's kinda hard to put an idea into solid form :P
all are around 500KB and 1800 width (widescreen)

oh and on a random not the fourth wallpaper has written on it the message at the end of the pv (though it's kinda hard to read when you first look)

you can find the pv here:
pas: (waratte)
13.58MB in HQ/HD, i couldn't get the size of the video to rip larger than 360 x540 pixels cos of my funny converter. Although i have found no matter what size you enlarge it, it will stay HQ/HD. Perfect for Ipods etc :D

NO HOTLINKING~ the rules here are the same as those on Livejournal communities DO NOT RE-SHARE ON YOUTUBE OR OTHER STREAMING SITES

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