Sunday, March 6, 2011

JUMP to take over

Yah~ hello everyone Ryuu here ^^

i guess today is just a short update since i don't really feel like blogging all too much let's see in the world of Johnny's...

Well as you heard koyamaru will be graduating from Shounen Club and Takaki, Yuuto and Daiki will be taking over as the new hosts (i don't know where the rest of HSJ will come in)
Kame has a new sports program he will be hosting and KT has two more new singles one to go with Kame's new cm and the other for the sports show. Instead of YYJUMPING it wiil bbe Yan yan jump??? i think yeah where more HSJ members will be oding the show but from what i was watching it was Daiki and Hikaru

other news... oh yes the new season of kimpachi sensei ft Keito will also have old members such as
KAME, YABU, HIKARU, MASSU yup that's all i can remember of the top of my head.....
and apic so you can see for yourself

what else... oh yeah squirrels XD random but you know when they're in a tree you can actually hear them munching away on whatever they're eating. seriously it's fascinating and there are so many put now since it's almost spring
I wonder if Canada really does have a sakura blossom show like i've been hearing

that's all from me sorry for the rushe post ^^

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