Monday, March 7, 2011

Life posts are lacking

It feels like there aren't enough life post on this blog so today i will make one.... hopefully maybe more since i'm just too bored most of the time but since it's the first i don't have anything planned.....and like most of my other life post it's just gonna be about the photo

Nyan~ can you guess what this is????
:D no it's not what you think, i'm being a good girl and it's just plain cordial ^^
no water mark since these pictures are so.... generic :P

ah~ it's finally turning to spring here in the northernhemisphere and so its either snowing, sleeting, or raining with the odd day of sun and ice cold winds. not to mention the lovely ice covered sidewalks ==.
I'm looking for a time when i can go up and find the cherry blossoms in high park, though i looked at the pictures recently and well... it's a slightly small area compared to the one i had in my mind XD

so first life post in like 5 weeks if i remember right from me ^^
Ryuu out~

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