Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mina chuu~! Pics Spam part 1~

Minna~! Chuuu~~ (─▽─)

Long time no see~~ Yes its Azuunyan again~! (lol Ryuu chan has taken to calling me that)

First of all~~ APOLOGIES@__@ Ive been SUPA busy these hols~ My friend rom Aussie came and played taxi driver~ and my Jap buddy came to stay~! hehe~~ ok la so heres some pic spam oh waht Ive been duin~! ♪

The other day~ Ryuu-chan gave me sumthing~~ of someone~ who if you have facebook will know Im obsessed/married to~~

Caan anyone guess what Im drinking???

Jyaaaaan~!!! Big Bang TOP's water~~ ahhh soo kakoi~!! (;´д` )

Welll I think on the last week of the hols~~ On Thurs? Shiv came to visit~! The Aussie dude keke JKS he doesnt like to be called Aussie(・・ )♪

Heres the snacks we got~~ and we went to buy baby stuff for our BFF Lini~ hus expecting in Sept-ish~! :・゚\(゚▽゚*)

Ichigo Assam Milk Tea and Coconut-Ice cake (yeah I was craving it~~ expensive thoo~ T^T) and Pepero~! Damn it everything here costs soo much~! (≧o≦)ノ*bangs head on table*

Ok so the next day was a SUPA sunny day~~~

Oh yeah I havent introduced mina to my cutest mini-lop bunny rabbitcat Jacky-boy~!

See he almost blends into the deck and follows you like a doggy~ I admit it~!! I almost stepped on him once ♪(。TωT)ノ☆・゚:*: He goes rite to your feet just as your stepping back~!!

Well then I'll tell you guys the rest next time~!

Owo soo sleepy~! jya ne~!


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